Sony Artisan

Simply put, the Artisan is aaaaaaaaaaaaaah for your eyes!

Just a few months ago I couldn't even have told you what a ICC profile was nor how to install it. Now, I have this beautiful monitor profiled and gassed to go! It is an amazing monitor that I COUNT on for my digital workflow and darkroom! You must have a calibrated monitor to produce the quality prints we offer at Moose Peterson's Gallery!

The Artisan comes with the Sony The Artisan™ Color Reference System combining Emmy® award-winning, Sony FD Trinitron® CRT display technology with the state-of-the-art Artisan™ sensor and software for display calibration and profiling. The profiling software and sensor makes calibrating your monitor a snap, and I mean a snap. The one thing I did which might not be normal is set the monitor to D50, otherwise, I followed the defaults and instructions.

I strongly suggest that if you're setting up your own digital darkroom, you at the very least check out the Artisan Website .

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