DigitalPro 5 SoftwareI am always being asked how I get so much done and so fast. The answer is real simple, DigitalPro 5.0! Digital Assest Management programs has been blown out of proportions with overhead that just adds to the important business of sorting, editing, filing and accessing your digital images. David and I have one goal, get back out behind the camea again. DigitalPro5 accomplishes just that.

Can we talk for a minute? I'm a businessman, our business is putting my images into the hands of my clients NOW! This requires a whole lot. It requires that first, the images are uploaded, sorted and filed quickly, accurately and safely right from the camera. It then requires that after this process, the image can be found, fast, safely and preciedly and then put into the hands of my client. Of course, none of this means diddly if I don't have the image in the first place. I can make this all happen with one word, DigitalPro!

I want one thing from my DAM (Digital Asset Management) program, to get back out shooting FAST! I need to be able to upload images fast (DigitalPro being the ONLY program taking advantage of Lexarís multiple readers so I can upload up to 4 cards with one click), I need to sort my images FAST (DigitalPro again being the first to nest NEF files behind the Jpegs for single click editing/filing) and I need to find ALL my folders & images at once and not have to sort through or create new libraries all the time. I'm into the KISS theory.

DigitalPro5 like myself, is Window OS only. I donít want my computerís resources swallowed up by my DAM and DigitalPro takes up the least of all DAMs. Hey, thereís no team of Window programers as good or know how to get the most out of Windows like David Caridnal, the genius behind the DigitalPro coding!

When it comes to Post Processing, if Iím going to post process Iím doing to do it right. Iím going to use DigitalPro5 to Convert (copy) my NEF to a Temp file and then open that file copy with Capture NX2 and process it properly and fully. Than, Iím going to finish that photo in the only program, the ONLY program for finishing images, Photoshop. Yeah, you can buy DAMs that do all of that, but if youíre going to make a large print from those programs, someone like myself is going to see the difference.

You donít have to take my word for it, try it for yourselfÖFREEÖfor 30days. You can download a full version (this is the Pro Edition) and use it for 30 days. In fact, we insist you do just that before you buy. DigitalPro is not for everyone. If you need lots of bells and whistles, tool for fixing what you should have done right in the camera, than more than likely DigitalPro isnít for you. But if you want speed, efficiently and the tools a professional needs to manage and make money from your images, that I know youíll fall in love with DigitalPro!

DigitalPro 5 Features

  • Can Run Photoshop Web Gallery & Contact Sheet Scripts directly from DP
  • Switch to SQLite open source database, with user-friendly schema
  • Can Run PS Actions when converting images from within DP
  • Do Image Conversion using Photoshop's engine as an option
  • Support for Vista "Aero" Look & Feel & full Vista install, plus 64-bit Vista
  • Version Support (DocumentID & Find by DocumentID)
  • New Skins (Val, Xmas, Mac, Summer)
  • XMP Support for Photoshop PSD files
  • New, faster database, easier for user programming
  • "Moose Working Directory" for fast disk editing / Archive support
  • Nested Keywords saved with File for re-import
  • Wildcard searches in Image Find
  • ** Report Designer for Custom Reports (unsupported)
  • ** (Advanced) Background Metadata Writing (unsupported)
  • Added support for Google Maps for MapIt button
  • Added "Sort by Camera" which sorts by Model & Serial Number
  • Reduce Resources needed for Captioning TIFFs
  • Added Find only files with GPS Info
  • Allow Find by Multiple (ORed) Keywords & Categories in addition to ANDed ones
  • (Experimental) (PRO Edition) Find offline files & display thumbnails
  • Export/Import functions for Categories, Keywords & Catalog Information
  • When used with DP4.3.9 can transfer keywords, categories & ratings from DP4
  • Added Recent Activity Reporting

What about the Pro Edition features, what's added to the Standard Edtion and why might you want to order the Pro Edition over the Standard? You can find out more here. You can also see the Pro Edition in action in our online tutorials.

Before you BUY any DAM software, take advantage of their free trial and determine for yourself which one follows your natural logic flow the best. That will be the best DAM for your photography!

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