DigitalPro 5 SoftwareUsing a DAM like DigitalPro is like just about everything else in photography, it’s the person driving that really counts. David has made DigitalPro totally, totally customizable so you can have the workflow that fits your photography. This not only makes DigitalPro a great tool, but fun to drive!

What follows are videos, Moose narrated tutorials so you can see some of the major features of DigitalPro and how Moose makes use of them. This is NOT the only way to use DigitalPro. These are just examples of how Moose uses DigitalPro on a daily basis. You might want to go further to understand Moose’s entire Field Workflow by reading this article.

Note: These tutorials will be updated to the newly announced DigitalPro5 shortly. In the meantime, these tuturials will get you up and running with DP5 in fine order.

These tutorials are from version 4.29 Alpha

but with your DigitalPro 5.0, you will find many of the features operate the same as you'll see in these tutorials so you're good to go until I get the videos updated.

(Note: What you’ll see is how Moose uses DigitalPro on a Dell M65 notebook. You might have a different experience based on your computer.)

  • DigtalPro 4.0 Basic Setup - This tutorials goes over setting up the basic look of DigitalPro along with customizing some of its more commonly used features.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 Card/Image Uploading - One of the features that makes DigitalPro so fast is its CF Card uploading. This tutorials covers the settings, keystrokes and mouse clicks that make DigitalPro so fast bringing your images into the computer.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 My Shots - DigitalPro has a totally customizable LightTable permiting the viewing of your images more accurately and faster. This tutorial goes over setting up those features which includes the information DigitalPro displays when working with your light table thumbnails.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 Image Editing - Which images do you keep, which images do you delete? Is an image sharp, is it a special image you want to find quickly later? This tutorial takes you through key features of DigitalPro that makes this decision process fast, accurate and fun.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 Image Filing - All those great images you’ve captured, you’ve got to make sure they are stored away safe and sound. At the same time, they need to be organized so you can access and find them when you need to. This tutorial covers how Moose covers this task, making use of the power of DigitalPro.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 Image Submission - What makes DigitalPro stand out from all other DAM programs is that it is photographic business oriented. Moose takes you through the basics of how he uses DigitalPro in business in this tutorial.
  • DigitalPro 4.0 Image Finishing Workflow - This tutorial, Moose will take you through selecting an image in DigitalPro to finish and than finishing it in Capture NX and making ready to post on his blog in Photoshop.

These tutorials are the creation of Moose Peterson in conjunction with WRP. Copyright © 2008 Moose Peterson/WRP, All Rights Reserved.

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