MP-5There is no photopack in the world like the MP-5! Its a photopack, its a shoulder pack and its a fanny pack all in one unit. It can carry all the gear you see pictured here and keep on going. Since it's introduction in 2005, 2000plus have traveled the planet exploring the remotest of locations.

(Note: our photopacks are not for everyone! Read ~carefully~ all the information that is provided here. If you cant find the answer to your question about the MP-5 on these pages and in these photographs, more then likely the photopack is not for you.)

The MP-5 PhotoPack is completely convertible. It comes from us in its photopack mode. Two, 2 wide removable straps clip onto the MP-5 so it can be used as a photopack (our shoulder pads work on the MP-5, not included). On clip one of the shoulder straps and you have a traditional photobag (with padded top handle as well, that is removable). Unzip the two compartments and you have a fanny pack. You wont find a more versatile photopack in the world.

MP-5 as Fanny PackThe MP-5 overall dimensions are 12.5x13x 7.5. Fanny pack (long lens side) dimensions are 12.5x6.5x7.5. The auxiliary side (short lens side) is 12.5x6.5x7.5 with two pocket 5.5x6.5x7.5. The MP-5 comes with 4 dividers and one zippered Velcro pocket. Is side unit has a top passport pocket that is 5x7x1/2, dual zipper. The MP-5 is constructed out of 1000 Cordura and comes in three colors: Blue, Green & Black.


MP-5 as Photo PackBecause of its unique design, the zipper is tight going around all corners. This is also due to the water repellent design of the zipper and the tight curve of the corners. The MP-5 has a lifetime warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship (warranty does not cover any damage caused to any contents).

The MP-5 costs $271 which includes $12 FedEx Ground S&H. Like all of our photopacks, they are made in the USA but they are not mass produced. You can order the MP-5 direct from our website. If you need the MP-5 yesterday, call the office to verify that the MP-5 is in stock for immediate delivery.


Phone: 760.924.8632 (M-F 9-5 PST)

MP-5 Back View MP-5 Front View
MP-5 Back View
MP-5 Front View
MP-5 Left Side MP-5 Right Side
MP-5 Left Side MP-5 Right Side
MP-5 Top View
MP-5 Top View
MP-5 as Traditional Camera Bag MP-5 as Traditional Camera Bag

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