Rob Sheppard, former editor of Outdoor Photographer says:

"The BT Journal is a tremendous technical and biological resource for wildlife photographers."

BT Journal Vol. 13-1The BT Journal is a the only comprehensive Journal for Wildlife Photographers now going into its tenth year! This is the only publication of its kind and it's now in color! Published quarterly, this 28 page journal provides you with the information you need to capture those images of a lifetime. Discover the latest in biology and how to combine it with today's camera technology!

Written by Moose Peterson, the BT JOURNAL brings you information and insight into wildlife photography and the business of photography that you won't find in any other publication. There are no hold bars here, you get it straight from Moose. The Journal fills in all those holes and leaves no stone unturned in answering the questions you need to know to improve your photography and appreciation of our great outdoors. The price is $28.00 for four issues ($42 for outside North America). You can download (file size 950kb) a copy of the Journal in Adobe PDF format to see first hand just what you're missing if you're not receiving it today!

Current BT Journal

Vol. 13-2 mailed 01.31.09

Vol 13.1 featured:

In the Vol. 12-4 issue of the BT Journal there are some really great articles!

  • B News - The Twister Chase
  • T News - Ben Franklin was onto something
  • The Nikon D700

Vol 13.2 features:

In the current issue vol 13-2, I share what has to be the greatest adventure of our lives.

  • B News - The Greatest Grizzly Bear Viewing in the World!

The Journal goes to thousands of photographers. Subscribe today to find out the secrets everyone can not live without! Not sure, Download a copy or, request a free copy of the BT Journal today.

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