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on Dec 16, 2006 in Random Thoughts

Storm? – 12.16.06

There are clouds…put where’s the snow? You might be wondering why I’m looking for snow. It’s that darn rabbit! I need snow to find the tracks to find the rabbit to contuniue my 9th winter of trying to photograph its life. I don’t think my wish will be granted this week. Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital film, finished in...

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on Dec 14, 2006 in Landscape Photography, Random Thoughts

CS3 – 12.14.06

While we’ve had some snow….it ain’t much! But, with a little walking in the backcountry lakes, you can find some cool finds! Adobe is making public the beta for CS3. While it doesn’t have every bell and whistle I can tell you I like some the new features and refinements. Head to the Adobe site to grab a copy to check it out for yourself. Be forewarned, it’s not a small file. Photo captured by D200, 28f1.4 on Lexar digital film, finished in...

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on Dec 6, 2006 in Random Thoughts, Just Out!

Moose Gallery Printing – 12.06.06

I know, I’ve not updated the Moose Gallery for some time. Time is the problem. I’m getting there but part of the problem is a good one caused by some of you. Our 7800 printer is on most of the day creating prints for print orders. In fact, we are slightly backed up which is a good thing (caused also in part by paper backorder). I just want everyone to know you will have your print orders in plently of time to have them under the tree. I want to thank you all for your support and passion. The real reason I’m making this post is to answer a general question we’ve been receiving a lot of late. The question-What are some of the nuts & bolts of our printing process? It would seem many of you are creating prints for xmas presents which is VERY cool! There is no finer gift than a gift coming from the heart and that’s what a print represents in my book. Anyways,...

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