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on Dec 31, 2009 in Friday Thoughts

The Sun Does Rise!

It was bloody early, I mean, it hurt to hear the alarm go off and force the eyelids open. The prior day had been a helluva long one. Like always, up prior to sunrise, checked the emails, took care of business and then met the group in the parking lot in pitch darkness.

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on Dec 30, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Stuck at the ol Desk

Two days left in the year and the paperwork covers the desk. When you’re in the business of photography, there are just some things you just can’t ignore and one of them is making sure all the “business” for the year is done. My good friend Jeff Snyder has wisely reminded folks on Facebook to check with their accountant and make whatever purchases they need to so they can take advantage of whatever write offs are recommended to them.

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on Dec 30, 2009 in Digital Darkroom

How Am I Doing HDR?

That’s been a real popular question the last couple of days. So much so I thought I would create a quick video. Now this is not a software review or how to tutorial, but rather simply my basic approach to HDR. You’ll see the image appear like this once I’ve finished with it in Photomatix.

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on Dec 29, 2009 in Digital Darkroom

The “Miniature” explained?

The “miniature” is no more than an optical illusion for those who once played/play with Matchbox cars and model railroads (guilty of both). By “distorting” the foreground and background by throwing it prospectively out of focus, when you let yourself fall into the photo, your mind replaces reality with fun. I’ve attempted to explain this in the past with little success. When shooting at Laws, it came to me to try to communicate the effect by shooting a video with the D3s during the process of tilting the lens.

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on Dec 29, 2009 in WRP Ed Zone

Eastern Sierra Adventure – April ’10

We’re announcing our next Eastern Sierra Adv, April 08-11, 2010. Basing out of Lone Pine, CA, we’ll shoot until we drop for four days some of the best and least known treasures the Eastern Sierra has to offer. From snow to wildflowers, to the highest and lowest point in North America, we’ll try to see it all. Locations such as Alabama Hills (photo below), Stovepipe Wells, Bristlecone Pines (if open), Mt Whitney, unnamed canyons and never explored washes to ghost towns are on the menu.

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