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on Dec 31, 2013 in Friday Thoughts

A New Year Wish

It’s New Years again, where did that time go? As photographers we are blessed we can answer that question. We can reflect back on our year through our images, our memories, passion, failures and successes forever preserved in those carefully organized pixels. We can look back on the plans we made the year prior and how they actually unfolded. And now we look forward to the unfolding next year with the plans we have made this year. I often wonder if photography itself makes time go faster, speeding up our lives by its very nature of constant providing a visual milestone of our lives. A year ago Sharon & I were in the last throws of months of secrecy as we packed for our trip to Costa Rica. We along with a crew from Nikon were heading out to the rain forests for a two week shoot with the then unknown D7100. A shoot on this scale starts months prior and encompasses aspects of life and photography we normally...

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on Dec 30, 2013 in Landscape Photography

A Walk Back to Yesterday

Bodie State Park is a place my family has been visiting for a while, since a cousin ran the mill there in 1900. With the lack of snow so far this winter, the road to the park and the park itself is open for visitation. With Brent’s better half Katt never having been to the old family homestead, we packed the dogs and our good friend Jeff Cable into the cars (not in that order) and off we went. It’s just an hour drive from our home, so we were there in no time. Jake summed it up pretty well in his blog today, it’s not a new place to us and the light was, well, yuck. No matter, we went with cameras and shot. I took my favorite right now, the Df & 18-35 on my shoulder for the walk. Having run a workshop series in Bodie in the early 90’s and writing a book on its history (nope, never published), I was the unofficial trivia guide more...

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on Dec 30, 2013 in Landscape Photography

Winter’s Walk to the Lakes

With a beautiful sunny afternoon and annual tradition of holiday dinner with our dear friends The Cables, off to the lakes we headed. With dogs and camera, we headed up the trail. It would turn out being just a four mile walk up but it was great. The snow in many places was gone, we walked on the exposed road but the ice was fun. One of the great blessings of living in paradise is the ability to instantly be in wilderness and is one we take advantage of every chance we get. It’s just a fun family outing! But as you might imagine, I’m not going on such a walk simply to walk. Not me, the camera has to go (Df & 18-35) and I’m lookin for my now life long adversary, The Bastard (known as the White-tailed Hare to science). Now you might be wondering why, if I was looking for a rabbit I would have such a small lens. Well, since we were walking with our...

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on Dec 28, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

Endangered Species Act – Happy Birthday!

Forty years ago today, the Endangered Species Act was signed into law by President Richard Nikon. One of the original critters to receive protection from the ESA was the San Joaquin Kit Fox, who you see pictured here. The Act despite repeated legislative attacks still survives to protect much of our wild heritage. Many species have thrived under the protection of the act, others, still slip slowly towards extinction. The difference though for all these species does not rely on politics or biologists but with you, the public. It is understandably hard to think of our wild heritage when we are concentrating on things like economics, but we need to. You can just look out your own window at the weather as many do these days, and scratch your head wondering if this Climate Change “thing” is really starting. Our acts of yesterday effect us today. Our acts or lack of action today will effect those coming tomorrow. It’s a day to celebrate all our successes from the last...

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on Dec 27, 2013 in Friday Thoughts

The Web & Print Sales

The web is a wild and wonderful place for photography! I’ve been know to spend a little time there myself. One of the more common questions and requests I receive is to look at photographers website and provide suggestions to help them improve their prints sales. This comes from their having heard from others what a rich bounty awaits any who posts images on a website. Print sales are just a click away! Now if you are happy with any sale at all, then none of my discussion that follows matters. But those that have been reaching out to me were counting on a whole lot more. I hear from and I’m talking to those who are seeking to make real income from web print sales. There is no doubt that some have done and do an amazing business on the web selling prints. But those are the exceptions, they are not the rule. I know because not only do I hear from all the heartbroken folks wondering where...

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