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on May 22, 2013 in Wildlife Photography

The American Dipper & the 800mm – pt2

The Dipper is just the best entertainment! They are a panic in feathers 365 as they go about their daily routine. They were once called Water Ouzel but their named was changed which more reflects their basic biology. They are constantly “dipping” as they peer through the water looking for their food under its surface. Add to this mix a fledgling along with double clutching and it’s non-stop fun! So the photographic challenge is first and foremost the water. The creek is full to the brim with the winter runoff so getting close physically for the most part if not possible. If the Dippers come to you, fly to your side of the creek, you have a chance otherwise you need big guns to get a decent size image of this fist size bird. I’ve shot here with the 300f4, 200-400VR2, 600VR2 and now with the 800AFS w/TC-25e all with success. I normally have flash for fill because of the shadows but didn’t this day. One problem with flash...

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on May 22, 2013 in Moose Adventures

Moose is Going to Africa ’14!

You read correctly, I’m going to Africa and you can come with me! I’ve been invited by the amazing Images in Africa Safaris to be apart of their Oct, 2014 program. Some of you have asked me in the past if I would go to Africa and I typically said no for a number of reasons. Well, Images of Africa Safaris has those issues covered, the biggest being going to a region, the riches in critters while having the ability to travel off the roads in pursuit of the great image. In their words From the vehicle, or on foot during guide and tracker led bushwalks, guests will photograph and experience African wildlife at a world renowned Private Game Reserve in Namibia or Kruger National Park . Each group size is small enough to allow for personal instruction both in the field and back at the lodge, so join us and enjoy the spectacular wildlife and stunning beauty of the African bush.With up to 20 guide led game drives...

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on May 22, 2013 in Field Reports

Lens Coat new Coats

LensCoat has the perfection protection for my new baby so I contacted Scott and the coat arrived. What also arrived are some of their new pouches that fit D4 batteries, D800 batteries, TC-25e, Coolpix batteries, just a whole bunch of little stuff. They are incredibly well made and best part, they have the yellow ribbon so you can find them in the dark corners of your camera...

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on May 22, 2013 in Gear Just Introed!

Moose Goes Big Light! Profoto 2400!

Yeap, big light comes to WRP as we move into some new, very exciting projects. What you see pictured is the Profoto Acute 2 2400W/s 2 Head Pro Value Pack Kit (90-260V) w/FREE Additional Head, the Profoto Softbox RF 3×4′, and the Profoto Softbox RF 2×3′, 2 Avenger A2030D 9.8′ C-Stand Grip Arm Kit (Chrome-plated) and 2 PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver. If you want to see a quick sample of the lighting, here’s the product shot of the Nikon 800mm shot using the set up you see in the...

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on May 21, 2013 in K&M Adventures

K&M Adventures – Arches Winter ’14

K&M Adventures is heading to Arches, red rock in winter, it just doesn’t get any better. Wait, yes it does! You can do Arches in winter with friends and that’s what K&M Adventures is offering 19-23 Feb, 2014! You’ll fly into Grand Junction, CO on the 19th (by noon) and we’ll hijack you to Moab, UT where we’re staying in the gorgeous Red Cliff Lodge. Then we’ll shoot, shoot, shoot the gorgeous red rock in winter until the 23rd. Then on the 24th, we’ll take you back to Grand Junction where you’ll sadly grab a plane back home (after 2pm). Kevin and I have lots and lots and lots of shooting time in Moab and we’re excited about this Adventure because there are some places we want to take you that we couldn’t visit before with a big group. The price is $1995 covering transportation (once you’re at Grand Junction) and instruction. We’re only taking 8 folks so grab you winter jacket, camera and come join us for a...

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