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on Dec 11, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

Rejuvenates the Soul

There’s one place that always rejuvenates the soul, and that’s Bosque del Apache. The birds, cold air, the silence broken by their calls, the skies filled with their flights and so much more bring life and awe to all that witness it. I’m down at Bosque with my dear friends for a few days of R&R. I’m shooting with the Z6 / 500PF and having a great time not carrying all that weight around. While I’m still getting used to the EVF for action, as you can see it does an excellent job. I’m shooting in Auto-Area AF and Continuous-High Extended. The other thing I’m having to get used to is not using my ears to determine how much I’m shooting. I came back from the morning shoot think I’d not shot much to find I have over 1500 images! Thank goodness, I like them or I’d be really...

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on Dec 10, 2018 in Random Thoughts

MP-1 V2, All the MP Series Would Look Great Under Your Tree!

My MP Series Photogpacks made in conjunction with Think Tank is the PERFECT bags for your winter travels and naturally, under the Christmas Tree! The MP-1v2, MP-3v2, and MP-7v2 are designed to fit each photographer’s unique gear requirements. How? Just check out the videos! In a nutshell, full 360 foam, padded shoulder straps and it still fits in the overhead of every plane (except upper deck on 747). Want to buy yours, follow this link and you can order and get it coming to you instantly! And how do I pack the MP-1v2 with my gear, here ya...

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on Dec 7, 2018 in Friday Thoughts

Dec 7th, “a date which will live in infamy”

They were high school juniors and seniors when they heard on the radio the attack on Pearl Harbor. Without hesitation, they enlisted to serve their country. The “Greatest Generation” came together making the USA a life priority with many making the ultimate sacrifice. We owe all who served and paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, especially that day in Dec 1941. They shall never be forgotten! Years back we wanted to understand that Sunday morning so we traveled to Pearl Harbor to fly the routes of that morning. This is the story of that flight. We’d been planning it for months, paperwork filed with official channels asking for permission, route and mission decided on, all was good to go! The time had come to put the flight in the air. It was a beautiful clear morning 15 March as we meet the team at the gate of the airport. The day before we’d all meet in Rob’s hangar and went over the flight we’d been planning for months....

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on Dec 6, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Nikkor Z 50f1.8

The Nikkor Z50f1.8is not your dad’s 50mm! It is in many stores today and already I have emails coming in. I have personally not shot with it but I have seen first-hand files taken with the lens and they are spectacular! I know, a 50mm, so many poopoo them but I still have them in my locker and was just shooting with a 50f1.4 yesterday. My 50mm is not even as sharp as the new Nikkor Z50f1.8 so you might wanna check it...

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