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on Aug 14, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Gallery Fundraiser – Last 24hrs!

We’re coming down to the home stretch! Now we’re heard from at least one person they were waiting until the last minute to “swoop in” and get their favorite print for the lowest price. I hope they succeed on one hand, and not so much on the other. In any case, our Normand Bound Documentary is the winner and for that, we are very grateful! Remember, all winners will also receive the Normandy Bound Challenge Coin as an additional thanks for your support. These are the images. The 20×24″ print(s) will be shipped to you when you win an auction. It will be signed, come with the complete hanging hardware (no framing required) and a certificate of authenticity (auction price does not include shipping). And here’s the Auction … Good luck … and thanks! Product Current Price Bids Placed Ending Hurricane Current Price: $160.00 USD Bids Placed: 2 Ending: 10 hours This print of the Hurrican & Spitfire that hung at the KelbyOne Gallery exhibit of Moose Peterson's Aviation...

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on Aug 14, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

It’s The Time Again

I’ve been doing it for nearly thirty years, it’s just a habit that’s treated me well. I send my gear into Nikon for service once a year. I time the sending of my gear so I have in the locker what I need for the next few weeks. This means that about half goes in for clean, lube and adjustment every six months. This is not for repair, this is to clean six months of “work” off, tighten loose screws and just simply, well, a massage treatment for gear I depend on. Like I said, been doing this forever and in all those years, my gear has not let me down. In this case, I’m sending in just my main D5 body as it’s not been in for a year....

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on Aug 13, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Ft Worth Aviation Weekend!

Come and join Nikon, Ft Worth Camera, and Nikon for a great weekend of aviation photography! It all starts Friday night 21 Sept in the classroom and finishes Saturday at the amazing Vintage Flying Museum, home of the B-29 “FIFI”. I beleive space is limited to register early. Cya on the...

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on Aug 10, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

“Printing Moves My Photography Forward”

“Printing moves my photography forward?” A handful of emails came in with this question as folks read my latest Print Lab (and thanks!). While all the steps, the mechanics of making a print are on my site and in the PDF, how we can learn from our printing isn’t listed anywhere there or on my site. This is because printing is a visual that must be witnessed and experienced in person. I post here a photo from Bryce Canyon I took back in Feb 2000 with the new digital Nikon D1. Its sensor (2.7mp) took this file creating the 11MB Nef file that I printed 24×30. It’s from that image, that print that I knew then that digital was it for me and never shot film after that time. It totally changed my career and more importantly, my photography, forever! We hosted a Print Lab “party” for four dear friends a couple of weeks back at our office who wanted to learn for themselves from their images how to...

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