Updated 06.26.21

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What Goes into My Gear Choices?

The gear you own in large part makes your life as a photographer easier, makes your storytelling as concise as possible. Since as a photographer you are constantly learning and as a person you’re continually growing bringing more to your photography, your camera bag contents will naturally evolve. At least, that’s how it is for me. What you see above is the gear in my entire locker currently and below you can see how it’s evolved.

We all need to be unique and true to ourselves in our approach to photography. So cloning what I have in my kit in your kit does not guarantee you photographic success and possibly robs you of your own potential. So why is this page here then? Because photographers like knowing about the equipment I own. You must understand this though, the contents of my kit are based on my style of storytelling photographically the projects I am currently working on. And that’s based on my years behind the camera photographing wildlife, aviation, landscapes, life. There’s a lot that goes on in gear selection, the biggest part being the constant push to improve. It’s what I call the Darwin Theory of Photography – evolve or perish!

How do I select my camera gear? That’s a damn good question since at times, there is no logic to it. First, it’s in the Nikon line because that’s what I shoot. (And why Nikon, they stood behind me in the beginning and I’m a loyal person). After that, it’s the tools (bodies, lenses, accessories) that permit me to visually interpret the world in my viewfinder so I can communicate the wonders I am so fortunate and photograph. The first three decades behind the camera were literally focused on just wildlife and now there is aviation. My kit has evolved accordingly.

This information is here to make it easier for you to do the same thing if you so choose, and make a difference! I don’t care what brand you shoot, I just care you shoot and you share your images that can change the world! You could sum the gear I own as simply as What I’m Photographing + Story I want to Tell = Gear Owned

I’m constantly being asked how I travel with my gear. Basically, all gear goes with me on the plane in the overhead in either our MP-1 or a Think Tank Roller. Tripod, chargers, and cables and lighting gear go as checked luggage. Knock on wood but with nearly 900k air miles, I’ve never had an issue.

And strictly for trivia, here’s how the product shots use to be taken (I’ve updated it since this posting). They were all done with the marvelous 70-180macro. It’s a common question so generated a simple page with the info.

Gear not in my active kit but highly recommend

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