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Moose’s Aviation Gear

This is what I take with my on all my aviation projects. The ThinkTank AirportSecurity is too large for commuter flights for the overhead or under the seat. On those flights it goes to the Al la Carte and knock on wood, to this date I’ve never had a single issue. Why do I use this rather then the MP-1? It’s rather simple, I’m getting older and with all the stories of photographers having spinal issues from decades of carrying heavy camera bags, it’s just the natural course of life.

For info on how I pack the outside of the AirportSecurity click here and how I pack the interior click here.

    This specialized list is to help you in a couple of ways. 1st – you can see quickly the gear I use just for wildlife photography. You can read briefly why I have it. 2nd – it’s in “web” style in case my “Mooseisms” confuse things. 3rd – the current B&H prices are here so you can plan you budget. Hope this helps you and your aviation photography goals! You can find ALL my gear text & videos here.

    The gear list is now being daily updated. Click on link below to see my current list

    Updated 11.12.18
    Aviation Gear

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