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Moose’s Wildlife Gear

The MP-1 is the photopack I grab all the time for wildlife. This is because the 800mm is the longest lens I need for my current projects (and it’s easier to ship the 200-400VR than the 800VR). The list you see here is what I have with me on projects all the time. Items with a single * listed below tend to go FedEx in a Pelican case. Since I first started to use the MP-1, a few hundred thousand air miles ago, I’ve yet to have a problem getting it on any plane as carry-on on any plane. While it does weigh more than my ol’ back wants to carry, it does get my gear to where I need to work.

Here’s info on the MP-1 I use and here’s a video how I pack it .

    This specialized list is to help you in a couple of ways. 1st – you can see quickly the gear I use just for wildlife photography. You can read briefly why I have it. 2nd – it’s in “web” style in case my “Mooseisms” confuse things. 3rd – the current B&H prices are here so you can plan your budget. Hope this helps you and your wildlife photography goals! You can find ALL my gear gear text & videos here.

    The gear list is now being daily updated. Click on link below to see my current list

    Updated 11.12.18
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