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on Feb 11, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Bird Photography Workshop – Last Minute Opening

Amazing FL Birds Adv
20-25 Feb, 2019!
We have a last minute cancelation and would love for YOU to fill it! I’m really excited about our FL Birds East Coast Adv 2019! You’ll see some of the West Coast birds but you’ll also see some really cool new and rare east coast FL birds. In just one day, we had 54 species. We had an Iceland Gull, for example, very rare and very cool! We’re even more excited to have hired for at least 1-day locale birder extraordinaire, guide and photographer Jason Giraulo who will take us to a special locale. It’s going to be a killer trip! You’ll lie on the sand and walk the marshes, be in a forest and even perhaps by a rocket!

You’ll fly into Orlando on the 20th, out the 25th. We’ll pick you up, take you around and bring you back. We’re based out of Palm Coast as there are tons of great options. The price for transportation, guiding and instruction is $1850. We are taking 6 shooters and have one opening. If you’re interested, please give Sharon A CALL 760.924.8632 (9-5PST).

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