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The Digital BT Journal discontinued publication in January 2016. The outrageous price increases of the plugin to take it to devices and iTunes costs and restrictions made it impossible to still produce it. If you are still be charged by iTunes for your subscription, understand that is iTunes and not the BTJ. You must demand a refund from iTunes, we see none of those funds. It was a painful end to a great time and magazine. Thanks for your support over the decades!

The Journal for taking your photography to new heights, the BT Journal for 17yrs has had one simple goal, help you take your photography to the next level. Written by Moose Peterson, the BTJ brings to you the stories behind the images Moose has spent the last four decades capturing. Whether it’s wildlife, landscapes, aviation and even creepy crawlies, the craft behind the camera and in the digital darkroom are presented in a way to excite, entertain and educate. In this day and age though, the limits of a paper printed Journal slows down the educational process. Well we’re breaking the barrier with our Digital BT Journal Magazine!

At the creative and design helm is Brent Peterson who has a lifetime of photographic, computer and design experience bringing an amazing learning and entertainment experience to you! Designed for digital, at the heart still of the BT Journal are the stories and images Moose loves to share. But added to the digital version are 50% more photographs and stories. There is a button photos that when tapped provide greater detailed captions, expanding on the story and your learning. Video is a key component to the digital magazine. Whether it’s a peaceful waterfall or instructional at the camera, video is a big part of the content. New to the digital magazine is a video Digital Darkroom Lesson on how key photographs in the Journal were finished.

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Please review our app on the App Store. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The Digital BT Journal requires an internet connection to download. We highly recommend using a high speed internet connection such as at home or at a Starbucks. Switching out of the app will also stop the download.

Premiere Issue

Volume 15.3 BT Journal Premiere Digital Issue for iOS – FREE!

Ipad version released 03.30.12

Volume 17.1
Volume 17.1 BT Journal Premiere Digital Issue for Android – FREE!

Android version released 08.1.14

Subscriptions are purchased through iTunes for iPad and the Google Play Store for Android. Back issues and issues released before the start date of your subscription not included.


Digital BTJ Love Notes from App Store Reviewers:

(Some of these are from reviewers all over the world, not visible in the U.S. App Store)

“Great app. The free issue was so good I bought the next issue. Now I am going to subscribe. Great interactive features combined with Moose’s talent and knowledge which he so generously shares with us – it is a winner. Thanks to the bt journal team.”

“Moose Peterson’s BT Journal is an exceptional visual magazine for those who love both wildlife, nature and the beauty of our planet. Having dedicated his life to the art of capturing images that convey our environment and the creatures that inhabit our shared space, you cannot help but be deeply moved by his work. Moose is also a tremendous teacher, having attended a number of his workshops, the magazine is also a learning tool for those of us who aspire to become better at this very challenging art form. Already a master at his craft ,It is clear that his photography is still growing and that in a nutshell is what he challenges us with in his lessons given the rapidly changing technology of digital photography. For the price this is a tremendous value.”

“As Moose says this app rocks, I say it rocks my world of Photography. I have read many journals in my life both and uni and personal but none can ever compare to this one. The Journal is the max at everything, you have video, interaction especially the latest issue on the D4, you have tips, thought provoking pictures and a man who is passionate about every thing he shoots (Photography) and all his other endeavors that Moose partakes in. If you want to learn from the Guru of Photography this is the App for you, it inspires, provokes you to get out there with your camera, it entertains you through many different ways, (interactions) little pop ups, etc). Each issue gets more productive and gives more interaction. All other apps out there that state they are the best in this genre better listen up, you are not in fact if you think you are better download this app take up a subscription which is cheap but not cheap and learn from the guru as to how to do it and when you pick up your tongue of the floor you will realize I was telling the truth. Moose you are a legend I love this app and I am glad I get to see you every 3 monthsish in this wonderful though provoking app. Keep up the awesome work 35/10 for this app ps I am running this on a iPad 2 and the speed is incredible and I have had no issues with this app. BUY THE APP YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!”

“Another excellent issue packed with practical tips and experience. Plus an in depth study of the Nikon D4, getting down to the nitty gritty of what’s different when shooting, not just the technical differences Keep up the good work, Moose.”

“This latest edition of BT Journal is amazing. Although I have the D800 the information about the D4 is very helpful. The slideshows and video add so much. I really prefer digital magazines over the paper versions. I can take them with me and refer to them when I want. I’m now a subscriber. Looking forward to the next issue.”

“If you want the real story behind the locations, about the critters, and the information to successfully photograph those locations and critters, this is for you. The real thoughts and opinions of a great photographer, not those of advertisers. The real experiences of a guy out there doing it. All the content of the written magazine and more….more? You’d think you couldn’t ask for more for the price of a lunch, but they delivered more anyway. Not only do you get all the written content, but video, additional photos, and now the ability to buy back issue as in app purchases too. I tip my hat to the Peterson crew!”

“Moose Peterson and Brent Peterson have hit a home run with this app. Filled with information gleaned from years of experience, the inaugural issue doesn’t disappoint. Outstanding photography, video insight on post processing and a teaser at the end of what’s to come keeps you engaged and wanting more. The only request I would make would be the ability to enlarge the font with the iPad’s native pinch and zoom functionality. Great UI and well thought out app. My compliments to the WRP team!”

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