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on Mar 4, 2019 in Landscape Photography, B&W Photography, Digital Darkroom

ACR / Split Grad Anger

I posted this photo on my IG account on the 1st. It’s a real simple click taken jumping out of the truck shooting the Z6 / 180-400VR hand-held and then hopping back in the truck out of the -16 temps. The photo is right out of the Z6 which was set to Monochrome (here are my in camera B&W settings). The only “Post” was done in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) using the Split Grad to make the clouds look angier. Below are those settings. And that’s it, easy...

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on Sep 8, 2017 in Landscape Photography, Digital Darkroom

Removing the “Fish”

The 180degree view of the Fisheye lens like the 16Fish or 8-15Fish can be stunning and essential to a visual story. At the same time, the natural “curve” the Fish can create might be desired. Here’s a simple digital darkroom lesson how to deal with it. Keep in mind everything was done at the time of capture to “plumb” the subject at the time of capture. That makes a difference in the digital...

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on Jul 11, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Scott’s Most Excellent Luminar!

“Niks going away, what are you going to do?” The announcement is over a year old and before that many of us started looking at our options. Luminar has been around for nearly a year now, an outstanding program and Scott just released an excellent class on Luminar. He does a great job going over the UI and functions. The best part is he goes through Luminar and explaining its equivalent in Nik so you can make the transition. With the Window version in Beta and do out this fall, I’ll have my presets available by then. Scott’s class will get you up and running so check it out! And for further consideration, be sure to check out free Lightroom Presets Bundle “The Starter Pack” and Limostudio Photography Lighting...

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on Mar 23, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Been Waiting for That Call!

Ever since the Epson P7000SE was announced, I’ve had one on order. Well the call just came in, its in route! Why the major upgrade? The inks of course, more inks means more subtleties can be printed. My photography is all about those subtleties so that’s really important. At the same time, the life of the prints is off the charts, 200-400 years … wow! Lastly my favorite paper Legacy Platine looks amazing coming out of the the P7000. You want to up your photography, printing is the best way I know of teaching yourself about your own photography. Once up and printing I’ll be posting my findings. Can’t...

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on Feb 21, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

Epson Print Layout

It’s not even two weeks old yet and I’m in love. There are two things that are great about it, no, make that three. It’s really easy to use, it works really well and its FREE! When it comes to the hand to hand combat to get your finished file printed, whether hardwire or wireless, Windows or Mac, Epson Print Layout is the...

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on Jan 25, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

“When You’re Snowed In?”

A natural question coming in after this morning’s post (at least the clean one), is what do I do with my time when “snowed in?” When that question first came in this morning, I laughed a lot! That’s because I never have a problem finding work to do no matter how much daylight I have or do not have. But there is one chore I do more off in the winter and that’s revisit images shot the previous year to see how my finishing might have changed and if images need to be updated. This can be a Pandora’s Box though as sometimes, there can be big changes like moving to Luminar for my B&W processing. Whatever I think I need to update in my DD workflow, I do by printing first the originally finished image and then the newly refinished image. I consume a bunch of paper and ink as the Epson 7900 turns them out, but the 24×30 print is still the gold standard I use. When...

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