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on Jan 25, 2017 in Digital Darkroom

“When You’re Snowed In?”

A natural question coming in after this morning’s post (at least the clean one), is what do I do with my time when “snowed in?” When that question first came in this morning, I laughed a lot! That’s because I never have a problem finding work to do no matter how much daylight I have or do not have. But there is one chore I do more off in the winter and that’s revisit images shot the previous year to see how my finishing might have changed and if images need to be updated. This can be a Pandora’s Box though as sometimes, there can be big changes like moving to Luminar for my B&W processing. Whatever I think I need to update in my DD workflow, I do by printing first the originally finished image and then the newly refinished image. I consume a bunch of paper and ink as the Epson 7900 turns them out, but the 24×30 print is still the gold standard I use. When...

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on May 10, 2016 in Digital Darkroom

Moose’s ACR Presets

I wasn’t expecting the huge response to my latest KelbyOne class on Landscape finishing. Some folks have reached out look for my ACR Presets, missing the fact you make them yourselves in a matter of seconds in ACR. They see the above panel in the class and have been asking for the Flat, Standard .. other profiles. Well, they are all the SAME Preset except, the Standard uses the Standard Camera Profile, the Flat the Flat, etc. So, I click on my Landscape Preset then …. go to the Camera Calibration tab and click on Camera Profile which brings up the drop down menu where you simply select the camera profile you USED when you took the photo and then save that as your new Preset. The only thing that is changing is the Camera Profile, nothing else. What is Landscape-Cloudy? That’s simply the Landscape Preset with Cloudy WB set in Basic Panel. And Stars, that is camera specific so sharing its settings wouldn’t help as you don’t have...

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on Apr 20, 2016 in Digital Darkroom

DeHaze is DeWonderful!

The relatively new DeHaze feature in Photoshop is a great tool that hasn’t received much love. Many don’t know it exists (in ACR / LR) and if they do, don’t apply probably as much as their images could use. The biggest thing about DeHaze I want to bring to your attention is when you’re behind the camera! I’ve found some shooters don’t shoot because of what they’re seeing in the viewfinder which is crude that could be spectacular with a touch of DeHaze. Here are two examples from our recent time in Santa Fe, NM to encourage you to explore it. What you see above is the finished photo with DeHaze and the bottom photo what we saw with our eyes. When we were at San Francisco de Asis Mission Church outside of Taos, it was raining and snowing (we really had marvelous shooting wx all week!). The light was flat the vast majority of the time. Now Ansel Adams made this little chapel famous with the SHADOWS he...

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on Dec 16, 2015 in Digital Darkroom

B&W in Photoshop CC 2015

Ever since I posted about my favorite B&W technique of late, folks have been reaching out. Lots of good questions so I created this short video to explain the technique. Hope it...

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on Dec 9, 2015 in Digital Darkroom

Epson P800 & Legacy Paper

The more I print with the Epson P800, the more I’m loving it! I’ve spent the last 36hrs printing with the P800 all sorts of tests, mainly with the new Epson Legacy papers. I might not have heard of the Legacy Papers yet as they won’t be on the market until January. But man … I’m in love as will you be! My Epson buddy got me fixed up with a bunch of sample packets so I could test to my hearts content. There are two, Platine & Fibre that are just bloody amazing, especially out of the P800! How am I testing? Actually it’s pretty simple. I’ve selected a whole bunch of images with varied subjects, light and color. I print each image on all four papers, keeping track of everything. Then I simply compare all the images on one particular paper type. Nothing scientific, it’s all measured by what I feel when I view the print. I know already that Platine will replace Exhibition and Fibre will...

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