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on Sep 4, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Platypod – Essential for Our Video

Ever since posting the Platypod video (see below), I’ve had many ask if the Platypod is good for video filming? It is an essential tool for our video and projects like our Normandy Bound. We have four of them on site and at any given time at last two are in use with remote cameras. Typically the D850/18f2.8AF and D850/24-70VR are out rolling like you see here. The beauty of the Platypod is we can place it in places we can’t comfortably stand. And quite often, Brent will have them stashed in locales I’m not aware of until I go to finish my images and then I see them tucked away here and there. And that’s the beauty of them. The folks we’re filming the majority of the time don’t see them either. The stability, portability, and flexibility of the Platypod simply makes our job that much...

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on Aug 27, 2018 in Camera Tech

Nikon Z7 Focus

At the Nikon Z7 launch, one of the sets they had created for folks to play with the preproduction Z7s was this mixologist. He was ~really~ good and it was obvious his job was not to serve drinks, but never hold still. It was a good test for testing some key features on the new Nikon Z7. I lucked out in having the amazing fellow Nikon Ambassadors Corey Rich and Chris Hershman who had already shot real world video with the Z7 with me to answer my questions. My first question was follow focus, locking on a subject and has it moved, the camera locking on to and holding that focus (yep, thinking critter and aircraft). Simply put, I was amazed! One of my personal issues with shooting video is holding focus. That’s because I wear reading glasses and in bright sun, it’s just painful for me. Not with the Z7! Better was the Z7‘s ability to pull/push focus. In the photo above, the arrows point to the to...

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on Aug 22, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Z7 – Mirrorless Reinvented

If I was being truly honest with you, this blog post would be blank. That’s because the Z7 has left me … speechless! In my years, I have seen a release or two of a new product. The Z7 (Z6 coming later) like no other has my creative mind spinning, and it hurts (Order yours now!)! Are you wondering what has my imagination on overdrive? How about you can instantly use over 380 of YOUR Nikkor lenses right off the bat with the Z7?! With the FTZ adapter (which is a ROCK!) you can use 90 of your Nikkor lenses just like you use them on your DLSR! Yep, full AF and AE operation right along with all the new features of the Z7. You have the gorgeous 14-24AFS and always wanted a VR version? Now you have it because the VR in the Z7 (5 stops) transforms your lens into VR. But I’m digressing here a bit. The Z7 has 493 AF points, 90%, let me repeat, 90%...

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on Aug 14, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

It’s The Time Again

I’ve been doing it for nearly thirty years, it’s just a habit that’s treated me well. I send my gear into Nikon for service once a year. I time the sending of my gear so I have in the locker what I need for the next few weeks. This means that about half goes in for clean, lube and adjustment every six months. This is not for repair, this is to clean six months of “work” off, tighten loose screws and just simply, well, a massage treatment for gear I depend on. Like I said, been doing this forever and in all those years, my gear has not let me down. In this case, I’m sending in just my main D5 body as it’s not been in for a year....

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on Aug 2, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

2x the Verstality

I’ve received a bunch of emails in regards to the 180-400VR lens, basically asking is it worth the price? At the same time, is it really versatile? Now that I have shot with it for a month, I can tell you that it is more than worth it. The 180-400VR is truly more than I expected, the quality and versatility with its built-in 1.4x is brilliant! But at that price, can it do more? Many have asked what’s it like with the TC-20eIII 2x? You can see my results here and the 24×30″ prints are mind blowing! The image quality is not what I expected, it fas surpasses it. What about operation? The AF operation with the 180-400VR and TC-20eIII which is at f/8 is pretty amazing even in low light. teleconverterFocal Lengthf/stop none180-400VRf4 Int 1.4x252-560mmf5.6 Int 1.4x & Ext TC-14eIII352-784mmf8 2x TC-20eIII360-800mmf8 Int 1.4x & Ent TC-20eIII504-1120mmf11 With built-in 1.4x engaged and the TC-20eIII connected, you’re now at f/11 and AF operation becomes sluggish. With the AF in...

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on Jul 17, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Nikkor 180-400VR – a vid

I didn’t see it coming, but I’ve fallen in love shooting with the new Nikkor 180-400VR. Its sharpness is what started the affair because this is one sharp puppy! But it’s the versatility of the built-in 1.4x that really makes it for me. Being able to switch to 560mm without even a perceivable move of the finger so even the shiest critter won’t know I’m now closer. In the video I show a still of my hummingbird rig used for the stills in the video. The gear in that still is: D5 180-400VR SB-5000 2x SD-9 2x Impact Quikbox...

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