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on Sep 28, 2009 in WRP Photo Packs, Carry-On

Packing da small bag

Photographers are turning to smaller and smaller photopacks to carry less and less gear. We know this from the tons of sales of our MP-7 and the phones calls from folks asking for help. Well, I thought I’d put together a little packing video on just that topic for ya.

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on Nov 4, 2008 in Carry-On

How Moose Travels with Gear

Traveling with da Gear 06.09 – While flying is anything but romantic, it’s still amazing how we can jet around the world with relative ease. Knock on wood, but I still have yet to have any horrible hassle or ghastly tale of travel. I did have a TSA checker drop my 200f2VR denting the shade and one TSA gal who was looking through the 200f2 with the caps off and said, “Too bad they don’t make these things so we can look through them.” But nothing truly major. I do seem to always find on one leg of my travels a TSA  “photo enthusiast” who wants to look at my gear and talk photography. I just smile, answer the questions and go on my way. We always arrive at the airport two hours early, usually flying right through spending a little extra time at the gate. It’s just the way travel is these days. With a good book, iPod 80GB video, Bose headphones, we arrive at the other end...

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