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on Nov 29, 2010 in Lenses

Nikon 24-120VR AFS

This movie requires Flash Player 9 I think the 24-120AFS is so hot, we filmed this segment in 10degree temps (seriously!). The more time I spend with the 24-120AFS, the more I’m really turning to it and finding it as a valuable tool! I think the video says it best, but I’ve come to rely on the 24-120AFS for a lot of day to day photography and entirely for my aviation photography. I’ve come to really depend on this...

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on Apr 14, 2010 in Lenses

Nikon 24f1.4 AFS

The 24f1.4AFS sure does let the light in, that’s for sure. But it does a whole lot more than that for my photography. If knowing how I’m using might be of help to you, give this a gander.

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on Apr 10, 2010 in Field Reports, Camera Tech, Lenses

Nikon 24f1.4 AFS

This is one wicked sharp lens! As I stated on my video for this lens, I bought it for one feature, f1.4! Shooting this lens wide open is basically all I do all the time when shooting it. I can only do that because it is just that sharp. While the lens is tack sharp spectacular, keep in mind that at f1.4, the DOF is such a narrow band of focus you have to be incredibly careful with your focusing and where you place your focus. This lens is not for amateurs! And here’s the honest truth, this lens IS NOT for everyone! There is no reason to spend the $2k for this lens if you DON’T NEED f1.4! Buy a used 24f2.8AF for a couple of hundred of dollars. It’s a beautiful little lens that produces marvelous results and take the money you spend and go shooting! But if you need wide angle f1.4 performance, you ain’t going to find a better then than...

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on Mar 9, 2010 in Lenses

Nikon 24f1.4AFS – OMG

How weird, my original post was deleted some how, so I’m having to recreate it. So, let me reintroduce you to Al, one of the Santa Fe locals that was a subject of my 24f1.4 quest. The 24f1.4 is a spectacular lens! Look at Al’s eyes, look at the stubble on his chin, damn is it sharp! The background, just 18″ behind him though is out of flash. WOW!

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on Mar 3, 2010 in Lenses

TC-20eIII Field Results

Oh yeah baby, this is a freakin better design! It’s one think to take a test shot in a sterile environment and it’s a whole other matter shooting in the real world. Well, I finally had the opportunity to use the TC-20e3 actually shooting and to say I’m damned impressed is an understatement.

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