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on May 26, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

My Initial D6 Settings

I have had a great time getting to know and shooting with the D6. Can’t thank Bedford Camera enough for getting it in my hands so fast! I have been shooting with it basically nonstop since its arrival getting to know it and its many new features. I’ve also been printing on the Epson P7000 some files like the one above of the Evening Grosbeak. They are simply, gorgeous prints – impressive files! Many have been fortunate like me to have a D6 in their hands and some have reached out asking for my D6 Settings. There are lots of changes, just going to the Custom Setting a – Autofocus you find four times the options compared to the D5. Following the link above you can download a PDF of my initial D6 settings. And to answer the question what cards I’m using, they are ProGrade 1TB CFExpress. I hope they permit you to have a ton of fun and success with the D6 right out of the box....

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on May 15, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

Are You Ready?

It’s very exciting … The D6 is coming next week and I can’t wait until it arrives at my door! I have talked to Bedford Camera and confirmed that I still want the D6, updated my ship to info and purchased those items I need so when the D6 arrives, I can start instantly. When you place your order for a new body or lens, do you have a checklist to make sure you have everything you need when the item arrives? For example with the D6, I have ProGrade 1TB & 512MB CFExpress cards coming as well as reader. I’ve gone to the D6 Specs page to see what else I might need. Extra battery, eyecup, camera strap, AC Power, all those accessories I think I need to shot from the start. If it’s a lens, I make sure I have the NC filter, polarizer, whatever I need so I’m shooting as soon as it arrives. Now just because it’s on my list doesn’t mean everything will be...

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on Apr 3, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Body – If All Else Fails

I know, you’re tired of photography “how to kill time” ideas, well this isn’t one of those. Those of your who follow the blog continually (and thank you very much for that) know that every six months or so, I pull out the camera instruction manual and go over everything like I’ve not seen it before. First, I head to the Nikon Firmware website an make sure I’m running the current firmware and make note of the changes it brings. Then I start going through my camera like it’s brand new! It is essential you get to know your best friend, your camera body! But how do you do that and at the same time, make it an integral part of your photographic arsenal? Well in this video I give you some ideas on just that topic from learning its functions to imputing your first settings. I mention in the video my settings, you can find them here. Yeah, I do that which includes going out and shoot to...

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on Mar 25, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

Do You Need a Fast Lens?

I’m so delighted by all the wildlife photography questions coming in right now, it’s great! A common one at the moment is, “Do I need a fast telephoto lens?” This question has been around as long as I’ve been shooting and it makes so much sense. Originally, the question came when we were shooting film and we were basically stuck at ASA64 (ASA=ISO). And while I still prefer shooting in the basement of ISO100, most raise their ISO so now the question of lens speed is not for shutter speed, but rather DoF. Just how much f/stop do you need for the DoF you desire? Your answer might cost you some bucks so here are my thoughts. My first telephoto lens was the Nikkor 400f5.6, an incredibly sharp lens. After many years, I thought I needed speed so I went deep, first getting the 300f2.8 and then 400f2.8 lenses. Gorgeous lenses but they took a bite from the budget from this struggling photographer. That’s when I went deep into...

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on Mar 4, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

CFexpress – Go ProGrade!

Ever since the Z Firmware has allowed us to use the superior CFexpress the question that has filled my inbox is, “Which CFexpress?” And now with the D6 around the corner, the question has been asked even more. Well the answer for myself is ProGrade! I’m running ProGrade CFexpress in my Z bodies right now and they are great! Even better are the ProGrade Readers, they feakin rock! ProGrade are old-time friends of mine I’ve known and trusted my digital images to for a long time. As you can see, ProGrade has big sizes which for the Z7 or D6 as well as others are perfect. I’m well aware of the confusion memory for our digital cameras has brought over the past couple of years. I’m so glad ProGrade has stepped, removed the fog and brought us a spectacular product. Where to get ProGrade? You can buy direct from them or head to Bedfords where I’ll be getting more for...

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