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on Apr 3, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Saying Real Large with Real Short

The DC-3 #43-48950 of our Normandy Bound project is a BIG bird! Its wingspan is 96 feet in length! That’s a lot of plane to visually talk about. The process of restoring it back to its WWII glory as a C47 starts with removing its previous life as a mosquito sprayer. While it sounds simple, it’s anything but as tanks, hoses, feed lines, wiring, Dell clamps, that are squirreled away with great care from inside wings and fuselage are carefully removed. It’s a helluva process that the dedicated folks at Turin Aviation are taking on with the greatest professionalism. At the same time, the Turin crew sets about stripping out other old wiring and replacing the windows. For them, it’s just another day at the office wrenching on aircraft. And for us at Peterson and Sons Productions, it’s the kind of target rich arena we live for! That brings us down to the simple challenge of telling this story visually to you. Our D850s during this three-day on-site work...

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on Mar 22, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

D850 … 6 Months Later

D850 is for shooting video! In fact, that’s the main reason we have a couple of them in the great locker. But it’s just plane old fun shooting with it that has so caught my imagination, that I forgot to even mention its video abilities in the video! It’s file quality especially when working with the Flat Picture Control, is really quite stunning. And that just goes to show how much I’ve been swayed by the D850, all I talk about in the video is its still image abilities. An important finding once the MB-D18 arrived was its extending Time Lapse capabilities. I found that I can do the 7hrs 59min Time Lapse just using the EN-EL15a in the grip and have 10% left in the camera battery and 90% left in the grip. That’s huge for me. Hope the video helps and answers a few questions for your photography. And here are my D850...

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on Mar 15, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

It’s Here … It’s Here!

Yep, the MB-D18 for the D850 finally arrived! It is amazing just how light it is. In fact, and this could just be me, but attaching the MB-D18 to the D850 makes the whole rig feel lighter than just the D850 by itself. It’s really nice to have the vertical firing button and AF-On button. I’m using it with the EN-EL15a battery tray because I’m after a “portable” long life time lapse rig. With the MB-D18 attached, the entire rig is taller than the D5 and that’s not what I want for everyday shooting with the little jem that is the D850. The one thing I noticed that the bottom of the MB-D18 doesn’t seem perfectly flat. I first noticed that with a students camera and now confirm that with the one sent me. The “fix” (if you’re like me and putting cameras down fast and not looking) is simply the RRS Plate which instantly solves the problem. So once the current storm system goes through, it’s time for...

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on Feb 28, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Got Snow?!

We’re just back from a great week in Yosemite and I couldn’t wait to print the image above! Why of all my images from Yosemite did I print this one first? You all know how I love snow, I spend a lot of time in it and more to my love, photographing it. I’m always amazed to meet folks though who have never seen or experienced snow so, besides myself, I want to bring that experience to them. I have a big set of tricks and techniques I’ve come up with over the years to accomplish that. For example, having a darker background lets the falling snow pop out more. The one thing I was lacking in all my shooting up until now was the ability to bring out the fine detail of the slow, silent, soft snowfall on a windless day. Another important tool has been added to the arsenal and seeing how well it did is why I printed the top photo PDQ when I got back...

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on Feb 20, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Locker Gear Storage

I had someone email asking me to do a podcast on how I “store’ my gear when I’m back in the office. While not enough to make a podcast, I wanted to answer their question. Taking care of our gear is an essential part of being a photographer. The Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet (80L shown or smaller 30L not shown). This is where the equipment is the majority of the time and since the first time I posted this great case, many have emailed to say they bought and love it. The rest of the time gear in its appropriate Think Tank, either a roller or MP-1. The main thing is the gear is cleaned if it doesn return to the office clean, first thing. You can watch my cleaning videos here sensor cleaning and my KelbyOne Class on Gear Maintenance that fills in the rest of the holes. Hope it...

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on Feb 14, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Square Sun – LED Love

LED lights have come so far in design and down so much in price! The new Genaray Square Sun is a great example of both. I wrote about the Genaray LED Bi-Color Light kit which is a killer portable kit. But when you want studio power and I mean power and flexibility in an LED, the Square Sun is gorgeous! This bad boy weighs in at 13lbs with its 15″ by 15″ LED light on a massive yoke for ultimate stability. Its 100watt output is scalable with the dimmer switch with color temps from 3200k to 5600k (photo below). The Square Sun has built-in DMX512 technology. This allows you to control the light’s settings remotely from a DMX lighting control console. You can buy the Square Sun by itself or in a kit (great value) which is what I highly, highly recommend! It comes with AC power supply but can run off batteries as well. It’s meant for heavy use so have a built-in fan. The barns doors can...

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