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on Nov 7, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

It is Most Definitely Sharp!

A whole lot of you have noticed that I shoot with the 180-400VR a lot, and I mean, a lot! This lens has become one of the most important and used lenses in my kit, using it for birds, mammals, aviation and landscape. This is because of two essential factors that make the 180-400VR a stand out. It has tremendous flexibility and truly unbelievable sharpness. The flexibility comes not only from its zoom range but also its internal 1.4 teleconverter. With a simple, easy and hidden flip of a small lever, you can go form 400mm to 560mm for example (it works throughout the entire zoom range of the lens). In addition, you can add additional teleconverters to the 180-400VR for an even longer range. In this case, I added the TC-14eIII (with internal 1.4x engaged). I’m asked a lot if you can do this and what are the results. Here’s my answer to that common question. Most definitely, YES and GREAT! Let me start off by saying, this...

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on Oct 29, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

You Already Own This Powerful Piece of Gear!

Black and White, or as our cameras call it, Monochrome is one of the most powerful pieces of gear that we already own that receives little love! One reason is for this is we don’t see in B&W, but color. Another it requires personal involvement, an emotional commitment to the photograph. Lastly, there is so much confusion in the finishing of B&W in post. Now is the time to push through all of that and take advantage of this powerful tool! Keep in mind with digital, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, just delete it! So dive right in without fear. You might start with my basic in camera settings which will produce the B&W file. Just start seeing in B&W and then shoot in B&W, do it a lot! Then once you have a good feel for it from the real world start heading to the digital darkroom and see it there. There are many resources to help you with that end of the...

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on Oct 8, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Quick Grab

The packing of your kit is more than just stuffing everything possible into every nook and cranny. One of the main emphasis of your packing is the safety of your gear while you travel. I’ve talked about and presented many videos on packing your kit in various bags. But the most important aspect of packing your kit I’ve left out, my bad, and that’s the quick access to your gear once you open up the bag. I mean, instantly being able to grab and shoot. Case in point, the Cross Fox of St Mary. We were told a Red Fox was in the area and being seen. On our first walk back from Bird Rock which was at dusk, I had seen a hint of it on the ridge. We didn’t see it again until our last night right after we had just packed away the last of our camera gear in the truck. The Cross Fox (dark phase Red Fox) was coming down the boardwalk right to us....

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on Sep 19, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

Why I Carry the 2nd

My passion for critters takes me to some spectacular locales throughout North America! While not my main focus, I know these locations can offer up amazing photographic opportunities which is why I always have a second camera body on my shoulder to record those moments in between my critter shooting. Last night is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I’m out working a large herd of Desert Bighorn Sheep and had a small band in the viewfinder as the sun slowly set. The afternoon thunderheads were being blown to pieces by the high winds and that process created gorgeous skies (what we call a small Sierra Wave). While I could turn the 180-400VR on the skies, the lens I was photographing the sheep with, it would have been a waste of time. Why I carry 2nd body is to bring back these memories and the Z6 is the best! The ram all of a sudden had a glow of light on it so I knew the clouds...

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on Sep 11, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

Railing & Gaffer Tape

I wanted to do a time lapse shooting with the Z7 / Z14-30 of sunset of KBay. Because of the angle of my porch, a normal tripod wasn’t going to work for unattended shooting (it was midnight after all). So I gaffer taped my all time favorite CTT 1000 tabletop tripod to the railing. As you can see, the gaffer tape secured the CTT 1000 to the railing. And using the Peak Anchors, I was able to use my camera strap as a safety. It worked perfectly and while not the most preferred method, it got me by in a pinch. Gaffer tape, never leave home without...

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on Aug 14, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

Mindshift’s SidePath Backpack is Brilliant!

Weight restrictions are a part of my travels since I’m in small aircraft a lot. I’m talking Cessnas and the like and on my recent Griz adventure, weight and space were at critical matter. With that in mind, I turned to the good folks at Think Tank and got their SidePath which is just brilliant! The sad thing, it’s been discontinued so if you want one, go find stock now! I was able to carry the Z6, 180-400VR, Z14-30 & Z24-70f2.8, rain shell and water with ease in the SidePath. Are there other options? You bet, stay tuned,...

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