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on Nov 27, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Nikon Z Family – A Fireside Chat

The Nikon Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 have become major tools in our photo locker. I’m the first to admit that getting into the mirrorless grove took awhile. The EVF was something I simply wasn’t use to let alone could take advantage of at the start. That is not the case today! That is just one of the many innovations the Nikon Z7 / Nikon Z6 has brought to my own photography. Shooting the video was a challenge knowing the attention span of video on the web is just seven minutes and having at least a half an hour of material I wanted to present. Unlike normal, I shot eight takes to get the points I wanted communicated in that period of time. I mention a few more points in my Podcast, but I’m still short. The one thing I love most about the Z Family is it’s pushing me to be a better photographer, to push past my inabilities and embrace new technology. Settings are important with the...

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on Nov 23, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

You Heard, the Nikon Z6 is Out!

As much as I have enjoyed shooting the Z7, I’m really loving the Z6! This makes no logical sense though as they are basically the same other than the megapixels (45.7 vs. 24.5 respectively) and frame rate (9fps vs. 12FPS respectively). Their menus are the same, feel in the hand the same, yet the Z6 has really caught my imagination. The Z6 files print up gorgeous at 24×30, just gorgeous and the low light performance is what I’ve come to expect. And if you haven’t heard, the Z6 is now available! I know some of hesitated to dive into Nikon Mirrorless and think the Z6 will push you over the...

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on Nov 5, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

The Rock Star Ninja V & Z7/6

The brand new Ninja V monitor comes at the perfect time! This brilliant, small, light, bright and powerful tool works with the new Nikon Z6 / Z7 to record their 10bit N-Log file. If you don’t know what a 10bit, N-Log file is, think of it as a video HDR format for not only expanded exposure but color as well. It’s simply a gorgeous file once you finish it in Premiere. The Ninja V can run on AC or DC and Atomos has their own special SSD Drives or you can do as I did, use an SSD in their case. In the video you see me hand-holding the monitor, that’s not normal. We have it either mounted to the hotshoe, gimbal or tripod via a bracket. And the Ninja V itself is a treasure trove of options, tools, and abilities that honestly, go over my head but Brent was really excited to see and use them! The combination of the Z Family and the Ninja V simply...

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on Oct 18, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Argh – Not Again!

I was in Florida with my best friend Harry photographing herons. We came upon this great Green Heron feeding amongst some giant leaves. Killer shot except the huge reflections of the gray sky in the leaves. No problem, run back to the car (I wasn’t completely stupid, had Harry make the run), grab polarizer and bam, problem fixed. The only problem was, I had packed the wrong one, I had grabbed the wrong case with the wrong polarizer leaving the right one at the office! Argh!!! The worst thing, this wasn’t the first time I’d done this to myself. Double argh!!! I know this is obvious, recommended it to others before and was just reminded myself of it packing for Alaska. I have two drop-in filters for my 800mm and 180-400VR and as you can see, the cases I have them in look identical. And if you peak in the case from the top, the tops of the drop-in filters look identical as well. The solution is really simple,...

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on Oct 8, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Obvious to Everyone But Me

Now that I am shooting all my landscapes with a mirrorless camera, certain obvious things are coming to light I’m sure others know. But for those who don’t, when you take the lens off the body, the sensor is directly exposed to the elements, in this case rain and snow. With no mirror to protect it, these elements which include dust, land directly on the sensor. This could be a disaster! Especially when the instruction book warns in many places, “Don’t Poke” the sensor. This all occurred to me photographing Mono Lake Basin with the Z7 / Z24-70 and a rain drop hit me square in the eye as I was removing the FTZ. Now that I thought about it , it’s obvious to...

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on Oct 2, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

My Initial Z7 Settings

“I can’t find the “Mirror Up Sensor Cleaning” setting, help?” Yep, it’s time to post my initial Z7 settings when that question hit my inbox. Ah, just to answer that question … it’s a MIRRORLESS camera! The Z7 settings are really not all that different from your Nikon DSLR which is cool. Some familiar DSLR button functions like Format Card, are not on the Z7. And certain settings like Silent Shutter & High-Speed Extended disable the flash. And there are some new settings like Lens control ring Custom control assignment or N-Log that might make you wonder. Hopefully, my initial Z7 Z7 settings will help you. Note: Settings “finalized” 10.05.18 Manual Viewer has been updated with the Z7 so be sure to download it for quick and easy...

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