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on Mar 28, 2012 in Camera Gear Posts

“The General”

The Photoshop World precon was not only a great event, but provided a great field testing site for the D4. Starting with light that wasn’t great, I was able to see just what the D4 could do for me. The General was more then happy to be the guinea pig for my testing. I started off by getting past my own issues with photographing people. I’m simply not comfortable walking up to a stranger, talk to them and convince them they should let me photograph them. The General and I locked eyes and I took that as a opening to introduce myself and photograph him. Though the light was really nasty, under the tent flap it was very diffused and perfect. With the 50f1.4AFS attached, I shot at f1.4 and made some clicks. I actually like them too. The General noticed the motordrive sound of the D4. It is distinct and when it’s rippin, you can’t miss it. He could pick me out of the crowd. I moved out...

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on Mar 27, 2012 in Camera Gear Posts

Takin The D4 Out on the Town

Another incredible Photoshop World is now in the books so after the instructor party and since sleep has been scant for the last four days, why not just make it five. So after a great dinner, we headed down to the Lincoln Memorial with our friends Russell and Kevin to simply enjoy the Memorial at night. Since I’m still working with the new D4, of course I took it along. My settings were the basics, of course. I was shooting on a small travel Gitzo tripod anywhere from 16sec to 1.2sec at ISO 100. The white balance was AWB and exp comp was -2. As far as I’m concerned, the D4 did a great job. All of these images are straight from the camera, nothing was done in post other then the conversion from Nef to PSD using ACR 6.7. More importantly was the photographic process. In this series, I wanted the folks included in the photo. I looked for all blurred like the top frame to almost all...

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on Nov 20, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

Best Friends at 1.4

That DOF thing, I have come to really like shooting at f1.4 and thinking about the background in a new way in the story telling process. Humoring me in this quest are some really great friends, ones who understand (but don’t want to admit they do) what’s going on in my head. So the other day while cruising Central Park, they humored me as I saw backgrounds that interested me.

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