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on Oct 9, 2018 in Random Thoughts

Road Trip!

Sharon and I took a long overdue road trip from our home in Mammoth up to Jackson Hole and man, was it freakin spectacular! It was one of those road trips that should have taken hours but ended up being days. There was a storm moving through Nevada and Idaho that traveled with us. The clouds, they were simply, wow! And at one point, we had double rainbows for hours, hours! The clouds were so great I passed up the Bighorn Sheep rams, Bald and Golden Eagles as we chased the light from horizon to horizon. This was my first road trip with the Z7 / Z24-70 and it worked better than any other camera in this screnario for me. The first big thing is that the AF sensor can be crammed down to the very bottom of the frame which works so well for my style of working with landscapes. Now I’m not by any means recommending this to anybody, but these shots were taken while driving. Looking...

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on Oct 5, 2018 in Random Thoughts

The Z7 Meets Sierra Snow

We’ve enjoyed a few days of a soft, gentle rain here on the Eastside. It wasn’t until last night the temp dropped enough to give us a shot at our first snow for the season. We woke up to see it up on the crest so decided to see if we could get into it. That’s because Sadie just loves snow! So up we went. With Sadie’s nose leading the way, the pace is fast and crazy so I went light carrying just the Z7 / Z24-70 which worked out great. (I discovered the Z7 / Z24-70 is so small it fits in the inside pocket of my jacket. Love that!) Up we went getting to over 9k feet and saw the snow level still above our heads, around the 10k level. We brought our breakfast and coffee with us so, in the glow of the wet Sierra granite, we sat an enjoyed the view. And when the clouds started to open up, I swung the Z7 / Z24-70...

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