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on Aug 29, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Add Spark to Your Visual Storytelling!

Moose loves taking photographers to the next level in their visual storytelling in his workshops! From big, grand adventures to birds, big game or the smallest rock. Our goal is pretty simple, help you make the most of YOUR photography. You can see the photographs waiting for you on our workshops on our galleries pages. To learn about all the workshops we offer, here’s a quick description but call Sharon (760.924.8632 M-F, 9-5PST) for the whole enchilada! 28 01-06 Nov, 2019 Yellowstone Wolves, WY 1 opening 13-18 Jan, 2020 OR – WA Coast Winter Storms 1 opening 17-21 Feb, 2020 Sax-Zim Bog MN FULL 15-20 Mar, 2020 The Palouse Winter 1 opening 13-17 April, 2020 Chickens & Grouse 1 opening 30 March – 04 April 2020 Bryce Nat’l Park 1 opening 01-06 May, 2020 Texas Birds 1 opening 02-07 June, 2020 Alaskan Sea Otters 1 opening 06-13 Sept, 2020 Australian Bird Adventure 1 opening We are very excited to be ablt to offer All our Workshop / Adventure participants...

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on Aug 27, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Nikon Z Video Updates

Nikon released today the long-awaited Dedicated 3D LUT for the Z6 / Z7. They also announced the ProRaw that is coming. Read the announcement carefully for full...

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on Aug 26, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Blessings – 3945 Project

“The Greatest Generation” is such a lively group with stories that keep me on the edge of my seat the vast majority of the time. My dear friend who I greatly admire and have the utmost respect for, Glyn Dewis started and has knocked out of the park his 3945 Project. I was very honored when Glyn presented me with the 3945 Project pin at Photoshopworld. Glyn calls is a “personal project” but to me is is much greater than that. We all are in The Greatest Generation debt and Glyn for bringing and preserving their stories for us all. It’s such a blessing! PS … I know what 3945 represents … you know your history well enough to figure it...

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on Aug 22, 2019 in Random Thoughts

PSW ’19 Precon & More!

The sun had just come across the horizon barely lighting the tip tops when I went click. Wait much longer and the exposure range would have been way too great to make the foreground that was all in shadow appear. So why can you see the foreground? Knowing how ACR works prior to shooting, I knew that when in B&W, I can go to the HSL/Gray Scale which changes in B&W mode to Color sliders, I was able to “light” the foreground by simply moving the Yellow and Green Slider. If I used the Shadow sliders, you would lose the shapes of those shrubs. The Yellow and Green sliders keep the shrub shape intact making the visual depth jump to life. That pretty much sums up the great Precon we had the first day of Photoshop World. It’s a simple click made with the Z6 / Z24-70f2.8, hand-held of course :-) Then there was the bad biker dude … so cool! Only at Photoshop World can you walk down...

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