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on Feb 13, 2019 in Simple Click

Simple Click – “The Clouds Caught My Eye”

The skies were gray, the plane is gray so I instantly and quickly thought B&W. A WWI French fighter, the Nieuport 17 on the grass with those clouds quickly caught my eye. I grabbed the Z6 / 105f1.4 (@f1.4), got down slightly and went click. Since I have access to this aircraft, it’s a theme I plan on working on. I think there is a stronger image to be...

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on Sep 27, 2018 in B&W Photography, Simple Click

Simple Click – “The Mound”

The sandstone formations the make Roosevelt Nat’l Park have me in their grasp! They are so unique, every shape and size amongst the most unique settings. You have no idea if this is a mountain or a mole hill which is why I shot it with the D850 / 8-15Fish. Just a facinating...

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