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on Oct 15, 2014 in Great Stuff

Thanks for the Amazing Response!

“70 years ago they were fighting for our freedom and today their roll is to cause people to remember that.” Thanks ever so much for the amazing response!!!! We are very proud to release this commemorative calendar and your orders tells us it will be hanging on hundreds of walls around the globe!. Featuring the planes of the Texas Flying Legends, this calendar for 2015 also includes history on every page. Help us remember by ordering one today. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Texas Flying Legends in support of all they do. Please enter the security code: Security Code (lowercase letters): Please enter the captcha verification code. Order    ...

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on Sep 18, 2014 in Great Stuff

Atlanta Warbird Weekend

Aviation fans … a great event is coming up in ten days. The Atlanta Warbird Weekend is a great event with great planes and great folks! It’s hosted by the Dixie Wing CAF, a name which might seem familiar to you because our spread on them was just published in FlyPast and we held the Spring Photoshop World Precon at their hangar. It’s also special because one of my favorite planes, the B-17G “Sentimental Journey” will be there. If you want a great time (entrance and parking is free) and some great photo opps (it’s a gorgeous field to shoot at), be sure to put this on your...

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on Sep 16, 2014 in Great Stuff

Ami Vitale – Safeguarding the Truth

I’ve always been a HUGE Ami Vitale fan! I really love, love her photography and even more her storytelling. Well, in her latest Newsletter she brings up something that happens all to often. We’ve encountered the same issue many times over the years with our wildlife images. Safeguarding Truth in Photojournalism: Ami Vitale’s Survival Guide is a post you need to read to get an idea of what happens in the real world even with the best intentions. Give it a read and then check out the rest of Ami’s work, you’ll become a fan...

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on Aug 28, 2014 in Great Stuff

Dimmitt – Connecting the Dots!

I just LOVE this story Bob Dimmitt just sent me. This is real world and how as a photographer (and great MLP) you pay the bills and grow clients. Great job Bob … now in his words … Anyway, From “Click to Click to Cover”might be the apt description of my second cover. Just prior to Click I had taken a photograph at Hobby airport as I was leaving from a management meeting-three tower cranes (fixed cranes in the air, used more in Europe and just gaining acceptance in the US) building Southwest’s new terminal next to the runways. I would have expected conventional cranes that could be lowered when not in use given the runways. Anyway, I was talking to Beth, about to board, and saw this image across the terminal with light hitting the cranes. Ran over with the Df and 18-35 and took a few, then had to board. Not a lot of time but I got an image. The result was #1 attached. Big problem...

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on Aug 7, 2014 in Great Stuff

Growing from the UnKnown

When Jake first told us he was photographing a wedding, I was a little surprised. He’d heard dad say many times, “The day I left school, I stopped shooting weddings.” He knew I wasn’t a fan of shooting them (did over 100 back in the day). But being a smart kid (gets that from his mom) he took on the new challenge. Being very smart, he went to Cliff Mautner’s classes at Photoshop World. Cliff is great (a fellow Nikon Ambassador) and Jake quickly picked up a lot of pointers from Cliff that he incorporated into his photography. Well, he’s shot his first wedding and I think he did a great job! He talks about it and his experience and what he learned in his blog today. You might want to give it a read, it’s...

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