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on Jan 2, 2006 in Thought of the Month

Finish Rather than Fix

Happy New Year!

Finish rather than fix, that’s the message I’m trying to get out to folks in 2006. Back in 2000, I was the only photographer out there making a living shooting wildlife photography with just a digital camera. Folks back then said I was nuts. Probably true, I’m still nuts, but I was right about digital. Look where we’ve evolved to in just six short years!

The one problem I see in many’s digital photography is the lost art of photography. The prevailing attitude is just fix it in Raw processing or in Photoshop. Why try to get it right, right from the start? Then folks wonder about the resulting quality and blame many of their problems on the camera when in reality, it’s all pilot error. It’s a FIX mentality. That’s not what photography is all about.
Photoshop World
So my tip for the New Year is, GO TO Photoshop World. You’re not heading there to learn how to fix your images, you’re going there to understand the thought process and technical process of FINISHING your images!

The Photo of the Month is a prime example of what I’m referring to. The Before image is one taken as perfect as can be at the time of capture. There are some aspects of photography, be it conventional or digital, that simply cannot capture what we see. Knowing this is essential in Finishing a photograph which you see in the after photo. You NEED to learn this to be a successful visual communicator.

I can’t think of a better tip to give folks, at least for the moment. Go out, make great images and learn how to finish them in post so your message is seen, and heard by all

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