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on Dec 28, 2006 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Gitzo 3540XLS – 12.28.06

gitzo 3540xls.jpg

Holy Cow, how could this be? Improve on the 1348?

I just received the new Gitzo 3540XLS with the new G-lock and it’s a beaut! It blows away my old, trusty 1348. How?

First is the new G-lock system. With a simple 1/4 turn, you tighten or loosen the leg lock to extend or contract the leg. You can’t over tighten it, it can’t get jammed on you. It is schweet! Because of G-lock technology, the legs have 20% greater rigidity which translates into smaller, lighter tripod that can hold more weight. I tested the 3540XLS by going out on our 2nd story deck, setting it up in the wind with the 200-400VR mounted on it (using the BH-55 head). Rock solid, sharp as tack images! I instantly took it out in the snow to see how stable it would be in that unstable ground. It’s a rock and upon close inspection, didn’t find any snow up in the joints of the 3540. This is a killer all around tripod!

There’s an added benefit to the new G-lock system I should point out. I always have traveled with the leg locks unlocked. It makes it very fast to just hold the tripod, extend the legs and be set up. To facilitate this, it means you put the tripod away with the legs unlocked. Prior to the G-lock system you would have to losen the locks in a certain order so the locked leg could be used to unlock the other. While not a biggie except perhaps to me, the G-lock system with its much improved lock makes unlocking and locking legs much faster, no leg order required or second hand even is needed. This all translates into faster set up and quicker response to the subject. One less variable in getting the shot. That in itself makes the capitol to upgrade more than worth twice the price!

I can’t wait until the 5540 arrives. It will be the dedicated tripod for the 600mm. The G-lock line comes with a traveling case and two leg nut drivers. Nicely done Gitzo!

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