VisibleDust’s Mini Quasar

I’ll be straight with ya, this thing has me scratching my head a little. The great folks at VisibleDust just came out with their Mini Quasar Sensor Loupe which as the name suggests, is the smaller brother of the more common BriteVue Quasar Sensor Loupe. The Mini is much smaller, you could easily carry it in your flap pocket in your camera bag. It’s $20 less and in this day & age, that’s something. And it’s damn bright! But the Quasar I think is easier to use as it sits neatly on the lens mount and doesn’t slide around. The Mini, you have to hold in place and while pretty well balanced, I find it awkward to use. It does utilize a glass magnifier and not some plastic lens so you can see easily all the dust. It is so small I will carry both Loupes with me but I’ll probably reach for the big brother first when I go to clean my sensor.

Z 9 Sensor Cleaning et. al.

Z 9 Sensor & Visible Dust Sensor Swab (no, not a custom swab, just artistic license with photo) I’ve had a lot, I mean a lot of emails asking if sensor cleaning has changed with the Z 9? The quick answer is no, the same as in my Sensor Cleaning ’19...

The Camera Cleaning Kit

Besides yourself and your family, the next important thing to take care of is your camera gear! I’m always amazed at how 1: photographers have no supplies to take care of their gear or 2: they have the supplies but never taken them out of their wrapper. The fear, downright paranoia paralyzes most and I just hate when that happens. I feel even worse for that camera gear, it deserves all the love we can give it.

My new class on Camera Gear Care has posted over at KelbyOne. It goes EVERYTHING I do to give my gear all the love it needs to continually perform perfectly over and over again. And if you want just sensor cleaning info/refresher, you can find an abbreviated course on my YouTube channel.

Cleaning Kit Supplies
“Pink Juice” = LensClens (for everything BUT the sensor)
Eclispe Sensor Cleaner
Visible Dust Sensor Loupe
Visible Dust 1.x (FX Sensor) Swabs
Visible Dust 1.5 (DX Sensor) Swabs
Power House Case (to hold it all)

“Now What Do You Use?”

With the loss of Copperhill, many have emailed me asking, “Now what do you use?” I went right back to what worked before, Visible Dust Swabs. I didn’t switch because they weren’t great, I switched because I wanted to save money on something that is a necessary evil that’s disposable. I never stopped using the Visible Dust Corner Swabs, they are great! I’ve just gone back to their full sensor swabs. Now in the interem, I would swear they have made some improvements on their swabs as they are doing a better job. I’m still using the same cleaning solution as with the Copperhill, Eclipse, and even in humid conditions, cleaning seems faster, easier and better. I guess I’ll have to redo my cleaning gear videos but here’s the old one to get you started. And that’s what I use now.

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