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on Jan 11, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Just a Glimpse

There’s been a Bobcat in the area for the past few weeks. While not common, not the first time to have them about. It’s been seen many times and even captured on a number of “Ring” devices. Last night at dusk, Sharon gets a call from our dear friend and neighbor Don. One of the things he does is snow removal, using a large loader and a small Bobcat blower. Our neighbor tells Sharon on the phone, “I’ve got a Bobcat!” Sharon said, “Yeah, we know” because Sharon thought he was talking about his snow removal Bobcat. He said, “It’s going down my driveway past the cabin right now!” At this point, Sharon understood Don was talking about a four-legged critter and not his tractor and frantically started waving at me. “Grab your camera, Don has the bobcat!” Sharon said to me so I raced into the office, grabbed the Z6 / 180-400VR off the tripod, slipped on my shoes and raced up the street. I get up into the forest and meet up with Don a few moments later who points up the slope and says, “He’s moving!” I got a glimpse of it walking for a few seconds before going over a ridge of snow and disappearing. What you see above is what I captured, the same results I’ve gotten many times before and I know I will again. Even knowing the odds are against me, I run out the door with my camera in my hand continually and with a smile. Because while I didn’t make a single click of the camera, I saw a piece of our wild heritage in its world. It’s worth it every time, even if it is just a glimpse!

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