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on Jan 3, 2019 in Landscape Photography

Little Slice of Mood

Yosemite Valley Floor
captured by Z7 / 180-400VR

Mother Nature has many moves bringing a mood to a landscape. Those big mood swings are what bring such grandeur to our landscape photos when it encompasses it all. But more often then not, there is just a small slice in the landscape that has the mood. But we take the large sweeping landscape incorporating that little piece of mood or detail in hopes that its enough for the viewer to feel it. The problem is since we were on scene and our senses took it all in, we “see” and “feel” every little pixel of mood in our photo that our viewers never will. How then do we share with the viewer that little slice of mood?

The one tool we have as landscape photographers for those little slices, telephoto lenses. When we think of landscape photography, we often reach for the wide angle. For one reason, because wide angle lenses have been pigeonholed as “the” landscape lens. But they leave us short when it comes to capturing those little slices of mood. This is why telephoto zooms have always been a part of my kit. It started with the 70-200f2.8 with 1.4x. Then I used the 80-400 but now, my preference is the 180-400VR with its built-in 1.4x which is what I used here. Standing up at Tunnel View watching the fog, far below us in the distance wisp through the trees, it was quite gorgeous. But with the Z24-70 on the Z7, I’d have to point it out to you. But when I attached the Z7 to the 180-400VR (via the FTZ) you can’t help but see the fog through trees. There is only two tricks here, first is to pack the “long lens” when you go out to shoot landscapes and then pulling it our when you need it. That’s how you fill the frame with that little slice of mood.

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