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Moose Press - Available Now on the App Store!

NOTE! Apple has done it again, they have put the last of our iPubs out of business! With iOs11, you will no longer be able to read our books. The plugin to make them work with iO11 is $7k! Last year they put the BY Journal out of business and now this. We wish we could continue but it’s real simple math, not enough folks buy the ibook at $10 to even make a dent in the upgrade price. It’s with real regret they have done this to our writings.

Moose Peterson, wildlife and aviation photographer, has for 30yrs been writing with over 27 book titles and thousands of articles worldwide. Now you can find his latest writings along with all new books under one app, Moose Press!

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What books are inside?

Photography Fundamentals
Why is the title Photography FUNdamentals?

Are you brand new to photography?

Have you been at it for years and have hit a wall?

No matter where you are in your photography, Photography FUNdamentals brings you the technical and the trivial that will improve your photography! You’ve got to have a solid foundation with the technical in order for your photography to grow. Written from 30 years behind the camera, in the hundreds of pages and photographs in Photography FUNdamentals, Moose brings to light all the important photographic information you need to learn so you can forget it.


Your Start into Aviation Photography is the first book of its type. With more than 120pgs, 200 photographs, it also includes video and Photoshop Lessons! Being iPad based and an app, it is the first book that will be updated and you won’t have to buy the next edition!



“Why did you write the book?”
That truly is a good question. I have devoted my life to educating the public about their wild heritage. The method I’ve felt is the best for me to get this message out is photography. But as we all know, there’s more to photography then an f/stop or camera brand. We must have those essentials of course but we need a whole lot more. So in order to reach my own personal goal, I shoot one helluva a lot and during that process have learned some from my failures and successes. I’ve also learned that my greater goal requires more then one shooter. This is why we put such an effort in sharing all I’ve learned with others. All of that is wrapped up in the answer, why I wrote this book.

**Captured not available in Moose Press App

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