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on Jun 25, 2018 in Field Reports

New Glass, New Lessons

Cassin’s Finch
captured by D5 / 180-400VR w/built-in 1.4x

It was a very fun and educational weekend with the newly arrived 180-400VR. It was fun because it was a new lens (I love new glass). Educational because I learned something about myself and my photography I didn’t know before. I’m very fortunate to be able to order the 180-400VR from B&H and using my NPS priority, get one of the first to be shipped. Right off the bat, I knew I had made the right choice is getting the lens (here are my first thoughts). Here’s what I learned about the lens and me the last couple of days.

I never knew what a pain adding a teleconverter can be! I use one a lot with the 800mm, either its matched 1.25x or the TC-14eIII. With the 180-400VR, the 1.4x is built-in, flip the switch up for 1x and down for 1.4x. My finger quickly figured out which for which and the ease of shooting with and without instantly made me wish more of my lenses had one built-in. With its MFD of just over 6′, this is a lethal combo, one I didn’t know I would like and now find a need for as my mind thinks of applications. That was something I learned about myself.

When it comes to image quality, flexibility, AF speed and all that other technical stuff, for my photography, the 180-400VR excels past the 200-400VR2! Just the ability to focus at 6′ at 800mm (180-400VR + TC-14eIII makes me long for nesting season (it’s just ending where I live).

Below are some images I took over the weekend as I tried to shoot as the smoke from our wildfire filled the air (more on that later). With the price of the lens really making be pace the office floor, it’s a phew now that it’s here and working out much better than I could have predicted. It’s nice when there is new glass, new lessons.

400f4 on the left 560f8 on the right

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