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on Nov 28, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Small Heads on a Budget

I receive a lot of emails asking about ballheads. The majority of the time, they start off with “I can’t swing the RRS ballhead, what do you recommend?” The standard ballheads I shoot with are the RRS BH-55 and BH-40, but those aren’t the only heads in our locker. What you see above are three of the six heads I can totally recommend to you budget minded. They are the:

Oben GH-30 Gimbal
Oben BC-139
Oben BC-126

All three of these come with plates and the two ballheads have a bubble level as part of the clamp. Besides often being on sale, these heads are ones we use in our video production. The Oben GH-30 Gimbal we use mainly with the Nikkor 80-400VR2. That’s because this gimbal is not for big glass, but smaller glass like the 80-400VR2. This is a smaller, lighter weight and half the price. The Oben BC-139 and Oben BC-126 spend their life with us on the Platypod. The Oben BC-139 is the big boy we use for the D5 or D850 with the 105f1.4, lots of weight. The Oben BC-126 is the jem we use with the Z6 / Z7 especially as remotes. All of these use the Arca Swiss style clamp. All of these are a fraction of the price of the RRS. So what’s the sacrifice? Not as many features and requiring more care than most photographers give their heads. Three other options I can recommend that I’ve tested but don’t own are the:

Manfrotto XPro
Oben BE-117
Sirui K-30x

I hope this helps, perhaps even put one under the tree for you!

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