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on Feb 3, 2009 in Camera Tech

Testing for a project – The Nikon R1C1

By the time this blog is posted, I’ll have been on the road for four hours driving to the project site (an undisclosed site that will never be made public).

It’s Sunday the 1st, 19:42 when the phone rings. From the other end, a craggy voice tells me it’s time, they’re flying. The last time I’d received this call was 1988. Yeah, it’s an endangered species, very endangered (though politically it’s been kept listed as only threatened).

Well, since the last time I went to photograph these little guys (skunked last time, didn’t see a one), there’s been a slight change in camera technology. Even though the D3, 105VR and R1C1 are by no means new to me, there is no reshoot possibility with this species. Like with every project, the gear is taken out and problems figured out and to my best ability, solved before I’m face to face with the subject. Here’s a typical test session.

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