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on Jan 9, 2019 in Field Reports

The Mysterious FTZ

FTZ Adapter on Z6

There is one thing above all else that so amazes me about the Nikon new Z Family, and that’s how some really small details were so well thought out and executed. Case in point, the mysterious FTZ Adapter. In a nutshell, it permits over 90 F Mount Nikkor lenses to attach and work fully with the Z Mount. We have three FTZ Adapters in the locker for our 2 Z7s and 2 Z6s so we can do just that and so bloody well (and the brilliance of the Z Family to compliment all my lenses I already own in the locker!).

Nikon Z6 on 180-400VR

How does the FTZ Adapter work? Really feakin well! But to the point, it adds the air gap back to the F Mount lens optical formula, provides the contacts so the camera and lens can talk, and “reduces” the Z Mount diameter down to the F Mount diameter. Many ask how it works, well there are no moving parts, it’s just a fancy “tube” with no glass do what I just described (it does have a 1/4 20 tripod attachment).

Z7 on 500PF

You see the FTZ Adapter here connecting the Z7 to the 500PF (killer combo!) and the Z6 on the 180-400VR. Many see this and ask, “Is there any play” and the answer is a resounding NO! I’ve pounded my first FTZ Adapter which I’ve had since Sept, been actually brutual to see if that really firm connection would “wear down.” It has not, just as rock solid as when I first attached it. Why do we have 3 FTZ Adapter when we have four bodies? That’s because one Z body will have attached either the Z24-70 or Z35f1.8 which I know we’ll add the new Z14-30 to that list shortly. While I’m still not use to the looks of the very small Z body attached to my 800mm lens, I know it works and have all the confidence in the system to take it out over and over again!

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