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on Apr 30, 2009 in Camera Tech, Camera Gear Posts

The Nikon 14-24AFS

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The Nikon 14-24AFS is a BIG favorite of mine. Great lens that really does so many different things and so well. I’ve been trying to get this shot for the last week but the wind was fierce. Actually stopped on the way to the airport yesterday and made this short. Hope it helps your photography!

I was trying to find the video I did for Dtown with a 14-24 tip but can’t find it so I’ll write it in here. When shooting with the 14-24, get in the habit of zooming the lens to 24mm when walking around or storing the lens. This recess the front element within the scalloped shade. You don’t want to scratch that front element.

Also, emails are coming in asking about filtration. You only option, and it’s not an option, is to tape gels to the rear element. You cannot use any front filtration.

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