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on Dec 3, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Well, it wasn’t a Bald Sky

“You should have been here yesterday, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Perfect for picture takin!” I heard that this morning being said by a local to a visitor and I just had to laugh. They all just looked, saw it was me and since they know I’m nuts, thought nothing of it. To me living in The Range of Light, there is nothing worse then a bald sky.

Back in the day, I was sent the Fuji 617 with its three lenses when it was first announced but not being shipped to customers yet. I wanted to not only review the camera, but see if it would work on this idea I had for Ultra Wide Panos. Well, I could only get the camera for 1 week, there were other photographers like me to review it and there was only one camera. Well it arrived and for the next week, we had nothing but those “Perfect for picture takin” days. That’s probably what started my outright hatred of bald skies.

I only know of a couple of cures for bald sky photography. Use a split, make it as dark as possible and then shoot B&W making the sky just a graphic element. A polarizer in combination with split can make it even darker. Or, point the lens down and include lots of interesting foreground and leave the sky a mere sliver. Lastly, and I use this technique most of all anymore, find something else to photograph all together. In this case though, there was just enough of a whiff of a cloud along with polarizer/split ND, I could make a simple click. Better then bald skies, better then being skunked. And of course, just being out makes it all worth while!

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