Workshop Cancellation Policy
Because of the abuse of our cancellation policy, we regret we have had to make the changes. No part of the deposit is refundable for any reason at any time. Cancellation 15 days or less before the start of the workshop, a portion of the balance payment (but not deposit) may be transferable to a future event minus a $500 Fee. Cancellation five days prior to the start no no refund of any funds paid or will be transferred for any reason. There is NO refund after a workshop begins for any reason, for any participant who attended. Nondisclosure of medical conditions at any time of registeration nullifies any refund at any time.

If a refund is to be issued, it will be 30 days after cancellation.

We strongly recommend YOU get trip insurance!

Print Orders
There are no refunds for prints if they are returned. Since they are autographed and archival prints, all sales are final.


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