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on Dec 31, 2020 in Field Reports

Camera Shake Podcast

I had a great time and was honored to be a guest on the Camera Shake Podcast that just went live. You can watch the podcast by clicking on the link or photo above. You can listen to it on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Now, this is by no means your typical conversation. I’m not sure f/stop and shutter speed even came up but rather a real-world being a wildlife photographer or aviation photographer. The life in front and behind the camera was more the topics. It’s a great hour and hope you give it a listen! And I want to thank Kersten & Nick for a great...

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on Dec 10, 2020 in Field Reports

Epson SC-P900 … A Week & Rolls Later

My efforts at being a reformed print-aholic have gone out the window with the new Epson SC-900! The roll paper adapter is a totally new animal from any previous model making printing even easier. No more spool to insert. No more hassle loading paper through the back slot. You literally drop the paper roll into the back (don’t drop it!), unroll the paper slightly into the slot, press a button and you’re ready to print! I know, I’ve already gone through a roll in less than a week. The prints coming out are simply, gorgeous to the point I’ve reprinted two for my own walls! But it doesn’t stop there. Using Epson Print Layout 1.5.2, adding a new paper profile is soooooo simple! I clicked on Media Type, add Metal Luster and EPL went out to the web, grabbed the profile, and loaded it onto the Mac. It couldn’t have been simpler or easier. But the goodness doesn’t stop there! As I mentioned before, EPL has a special treat...

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on Dec 5, 2020 in Field Reports

The Z 6II Keeps up with Maggie

Maggie captured by Z 6II / Z24-200 Maggie has been experiencing snow for the first time and she like most dogs just loves it! Now unlike all the other members of my family, Maggie is not camera shy. In fact, when the Z 6II comes out, she’s running right at me which has been so much fun. Now those little eight-inch legs if I want to shoot at her level require that I get down at her level (argh) or shoot bent over with the monitor flipped out. In either case, getting my eye to the viewfinder for focus is a challenge. Step in the marvelous Z 6II! partial screen capture of the 45 image series We were out in the snow with Maggie, the light was pretty nice. I flipped out the monitor, bent over, and as soon as Maggie saw me, she bolted over to me. With the Z 6II set to Auto-Area AF Pet eye detection, all I had to do to get the 45 sharp...

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on Nov 19, 2020 in Field Reports

Starlink … Talking to the Heavens!

Staying in touch is such an important part of our lives! When we moved to The Ranch, we brought with us you, the massive worldwide family we are so grateful we have. But reaching out was a real issue as there is no internet here at The Ranch. For the last nine months, we have limped along on every service imaginable trying to communicate and stay in touch especially during these times. I often rented a studio with viable connection forty minutes away for virtual conferences and tutoring. That all changed for us when we were accepted into the Starlink beta program and installed it last week! Prior to Starlink, crawling along with another satellite company (cable doesn’t exist here), on a real good day, the best we got going downhill was 25Mbps down / 3Mbps down / 600ping. Starlink doesn’t even come close to those numbers. The best we’ve had so far is 178Mbps down / 31Mbps up / 21ping! Starlink is rocking our world and I can’t...

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on Oct 15, 2020 in Field Reports

The Magnificent 500PF – In Stock!

Lesser Goldfinch captured by D6 / 500PF We’re at our friends Auntie’s house who has created a delightful “shooting Gallery in her backyard. She has it set up for the 500PF so I grabbed her lens and started shooting. All sorts of birds came in and it was fun to shoot the Lesser Goldfinch and especially the Bushtits which I’ve not photographed for decades! I love Bushtits! They are smaller than your pinkie and weigh less than a dime. So darn cute!!!! I was handholding the D6 / 500PF which made the photography so enjoyable. I shot a lot of great birds in a short time with Autie’s great 500PF and shooting gallery, I fell back in love with the 500PF! Bushtit captured by D6 / 500PF So I finished shooting as the hot sun crept around the corner and started to bake me and ingested my images. Right then I received a text from my friend at Bedford Camera that they just got some 500PF in stock. Oh...

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on Sep 17, 2020 in Field Reports

Hoodman for Glass Wearers

Hoodman Eyecup on Nikon Z6 With my always recommending eyecups to achieve proper handholding technique for sharp images, I receive a good share of emails from folks who wear glasses. Finding eyecups can be a real challenge for eyeglass wearers. When it comes to Z Bodies, I didn’t have any good answer for folks until now and I’m so happy I can share this. My dear friend Vertical Bob showed up last week with the Hoodman Z Eyecup. Bob swears by them so I got myself a couple. They rock and if you wear glasses, you will think so too. It’s such a little thing but they can make all the difference in the world. Check them...

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