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on Mar 14, 2019 in Field Reports

Think Tank Belt System

I admit it, I’m a Think Tank junkie! Here’s the problem I needed to solve. I needed four extra hands while working with aircraft and shooting the documentary. It’s my nature, when I hear someone needs a hand, I put down the camera and help. Putting down that gear though in a hangar full of grease and fuel, well, there’s the issue. Then there is a time when I need to shoot in a small space and have the flexibility of pulling out a flash or change lenses. No space for a camera bag, an assistant let alone the time waiting. I tried putting a single case on my pants belt but when I needed to drop it quickly, well there went my pants. That’s when I remembered the Think Tank Belt system! The belt system works like a charm in this one application (I don’t use it otherwise) providing protection and quick access to the limited gear I carry. I have the Lens Changer 35 or 50, Slim...

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on Feb 27, 2019 in Field Reports

My Passport Wireless SSD

The My Passport Wireless SSD is a wireless storage solution that is pretty darn cool! Cutting to the chase, ya, it’s fast! What makes this storage system unique is it’s both SSD and wireless. Why would you want this? Let’s say you have to go light cause you’re shooting with the Z6 System, really light with tight space. You could use the WD 1TB or 2TB (my recommended size) Wireless MyPassport along with an iPad Pro and easily handle all your photo uploads, finishing and sending. The Wireless MyPassport has a built-in SD reader that with the My Cloud WD app, you can do all your normal work with just these two devises. Now is it fast? Here are its specs: WD My Passport Wireless SSD Specs Storage Capacity 2TB, 1TB, 500GB & 250GB 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A Port 1 x USB 2.0 Micro-B Port 1 x SD Card Slot Built-In 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity Dual-Band Wireless Support Up to 10 Hour Battery Life Up to 1.5A...

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on Feb 15, 2019 in Field Reports

The Esoteric Gear We Use

A number of folks have emailed asking me to talk a little about the more esoteric gear we use in filming our documentary, Brent and I gathered some of it up on a rainy afternoon and shot this little video. Now the funny thing about some of our gear, we have to almost fight the guys who are working on “Hit or Miss” so we can use it for filming. One example is the Axler PSR-44 Shooting Riser. Now when Brent said he needed this, I truly had my doubts. This 49lbs riser holds 400lbs and is freakin stable! We all love it! Axler PSR-44 Shooting Riser Axler CS-HCS-60A Adj Pro Slider Another popular item with the mechanics is the strip LED. It fits incredibly well in a plane and its soft light, perfect for filming is easy on their eyes for fine work. Genaray SSL-36 Soft Strip ED Magnus VPH-20 Video Tripod Head Oben LH-2510 Leveling Base Head Magnus DWF-2 Tripod Dolly All of this gear is...

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on Jan 9, 2019 in Field Reports

The Mysterious FTZ

There is one thing above all else that so amazes me about the Nikon new Z Family, and that’s how some really small details were so well thought out and executed. Case in point, the mysterious FTZ Adapter. In a nutshell, it permits over 90 F Mount Nikkor lenses to attach and work fully with the Z Mount. We have three FTZ Adapters in the locker for our 2 Z7s and 2 Z6s so we can do just that and so bloody well (and the brilliance of the Z Family to compliment all my lenses I already own in the locker!). How does the FTZ Adapter work? Really feakin well! But to the point, it adds the air gap back to the F Mount lens optical formula, provides the contacts so the camera and lens can talk, and “reduces” the Z Mount diameter down to the F Mount diameter. Many ask how it works, well there are no moving parts, it’s just a fancy “tube” with no glass do...

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on Dec 24, 2018 in Field Reports

Omni Charge – Oh The Power!

My dear friends at Bedford Camera introduced me to the Omni Charge. Then they were kind enough to get one in my hands ASAP (Thanks Jason!). This thing simply freakin rocks! You can see how small it is above next to the Z7. What it can do is power and charge your MacBook Pro (2010-2015), phones, iPads, drones, and many more things, even charge the Z7/Z6 battery (very safely). From a full dead state, the Omni Charge charges in less than three hours. On one charge, it charged at the same time my MacBook Pro, Sharon’s MacBook Air (using block & Omni Charge cable), an iPad and iPhone before quitting! I even ran my Epson 2255 projector with it for an hour! I even charged it with my solar panel. It’s a new portable power source coming into our locker and a perfect time. Check it...

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on Dec 18, 2018 in Field Reports

The Nikkor 500PF – Gorgeous!

What a gorgeous lens, wowzers! The new Nikkor 500PF has been shipping for awhile. I just received a sample to shoot for a couple of weeks from NPS. I took it down to Bosque del Apache and almost shot with it exclusively. It’s simply a gorgeous lens, light and easy to throw up at a seconds notice. I shot with it nearly exclusively on the Z6 but on the D5 as well. This incoming Snow Goose is a prime of its performance. The Z6 instantly grabbed the Goose (Auto-area AF) and the 500PF locked on an delivered gorgeous image click and click. My primary rig was the D5 and the 800mm with the Z6 / 500PF on a strap on my shoulder. With where we were finding the birds on really close ponds, it turned out the 500PF received the lion share of the shooting. Coupled with the Z6, it was sheere pleasure! I loved all the results, shooting was a pleasure and I sure didn’t have arm fatigue...

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