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on Sep 17, 2020 in Field Reports

Hoodman for Glass Wearers

Hoodman Eyecup on Nikon Z6 With my always recommending eyecups to achieve proper handholding technique for sharp images, I receive a good share of emails from folks who wear glasses. Finding eyecups can be a real challenge for eyeglass wearers. When it comes to Z Bodies, I didn’t have any good answer for folks until now and I’m so happy I can share this. My dear friend Vertical Bob showed up last week with the Hoodman Z Eyecup. Bob swears by them so I got myself a couple. They rock and if you wear glasses, you will think so too. It’s such a little thing but they can make all the difference in the world. Check them...

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on Sep 11, 2020 in Field Reports, Moose's Camera Bag

Nikon’s ES-2 is Brilliant!

For the recent Landscape Photography Conference, I needed to copy some of my old slides. My Nikon LS-5000 was still in its box from the move and getting it out, setting it up on the Mac simply wasn’t in the time budget. That’s when I remembered about the Nikon ES-2. I didn’t own one so I headed to Bedfords and a short time later, I had it in the gear locker. This thing is brilliant! All you have to do is screw the Nikon ES-2 onto the front of either a 40mm or 60mm Macro (DX or FX), point it at a light source, and go click. Be sure to clean the slide first, shoot through the emulsion side (flipping once in post) and you have a gorgeous copy. It’s simply too good to be true! You can copy negatives or positives with the same ease. Bring the Nef copy of your image into ACR, do whatever image adjusting you want with your normal workflow, and bam, you have...

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on Aug 21, 2020 in Field Reports

The Very Delightful Nikkor Z24-200

photo courtesy of Nikon You might have missed during these times Nikon’s new Z24-200f4-6.3 release. While I read about it, it didn’t like stick in my mind because I hadn’t thought about the possibilities. Then I saw that my dear friend Vincent Versace got one and he’s a smart guy so I stopped and thought about it. Sharon and I had just gotten home from fly fishing with Sharon doing the photography. Right then and there, I contacted Bedford Camera and the very delightful Z24-200f4-6.3 was soon in my hands. But your question should be, why? shot with Z6 / Z24-200 @24mm & 105mm I needed an air-to-air lens for the Z6. I need a 200mm that would close down to f/32 or more (it goes to f/39). I have the 70-200f4 for the D6 but had nothing for the Z6. Next, I wanted a single lens to have on my shoulder when out with the 800mm for landscape work (24-200 is perfect). Next, I wanted a landscape lens...

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on May 28, 2020 in Field Reports

D6 Shares A Lot!

The D6 shares a lot of accessories with the D5 and older bodies. Pictured above, the Really Right Stuff plates fit perfectly on the D6, so no need to buy a new one. The DK-2 Eyecup from the F3HP (my favorite eyecup) fits the D6 as well. You can use the battery from the D4 / D5 in the D6 and while this is might be tempting, I got a new spare EL-EN18c for the D6 because of the improved internal performance. And of course, all the SB-5000 wireless works perfectly with the D6 with no firmware or new accessories required. I know these are little things but I like little things, just less to think about acquiring to be operational...

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on May 14, 2020 in Field Reports

ProGrade Micro SD Scream!

I received the new ProGrade Micro SD cards and readers last week and instantly installed them in my Keymissions and set them out to spy on the critters on The Ranch. I found some cool critters working up in the sage, but more importantly, discovered the amazing speed on the new ProGrade. The speed comes during upload with the combination of the cards and readers. ProGrade makes two readers, one that uses SD cards as a Micro holder and then reader and a dual-slot Micro reader. I uploaded with both and the speed was killer. Great additions to your...

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on Mar 30, 2020 in Field Reports

The Spectacular Nikkor Z20f1.8!

Last week the new Nikkor Z20f1.8 arrived on my desk (Thanks Bedfords!). I have a real thing for fast wide angle lenses and one native to the Z really grabbed my imagination. The Z20f1.8 is a spectacular lens rivaling my old favorite 24f1.4! There are two things that grabbed my attention right away, it’s straight-line rendition and minimum focusing distance (MFD). When you have the lens, you instantly notice how much longer it is than your basic 20mm. That’s because of all this optical goodness that’s required for the blistering sharpness edge to edge and fast lens speed. I got it to shoot at just one f/stop, f1.8 and I’m telling you, I love this lens! o Now, what’s with this silly GIF? It was my intention this past week to go out and shoot some heavenly bodies with this gorgeous lens. Up until today, we’ve had snow, snow and more snow so no clear skies. Since I couldn’t make that shot, I wanted to demonstrate the straight-line quality...

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