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on Apr 5, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose’s Body Settings

“Where are your camera settings?” Well, they are right here but it would seem they still can’t be found. So, they are right here! Nikon D5 Settings Nikon D850 Settings Nikon Z7 Settings Nikon Z6 Settings Nikon D500 Settings Nikon D7500 Settings Nikon D810 Settings Nikon D750 Settings Nikon D800 Settings Nikon D4s Settings Nikon Df Settings Nikon D4 Settings Nikon D2x Settings I hope this helps you jump start your Nikon body...

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on Mar 28, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Share Your World!

Printing, I love printing and even more, sharing those prints with others like these I’m getting out to the pilots of my last air-to-air photo mission. We are incredibly fortunate, us photographers! We are able to take our passion for the world and capture it, bringing those memories back home with us to relive over and over again. I strongly feel that we have a responsibility to not only improve our visual storytelling but to share it with others to effect a change in our world. We can do both as we print more and master that realm of our photography. I want to encourage you to do that which is why I have Print Lab here for you for free. To answer the most common question, what printers do I use, they are the Epson P7000 and Epson P800. How much do I love to print? Give a...

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on Mar 1, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Heat Shimmer Blues

Heat shimmer, it can occur over nearly any surface from sand, snow, water, sage, and so much more. The transfer of heat from a surface to the atmosphere is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we normally don’t see or take for granted. When you start shooting with lenses greater than 200mm though, you can start seeing it. When you get to 500mm and greater, it’s an issue you must be aware of if you want sharp images! Many photographers though don’t recognize it when it’s in the viewfinder. That’s because it’s a moving “gas” that comes and goes with the air. Last week when shooting on the beach, we had no heat shimmer for the vast amount of the time. It wasn’t until near the end that it rose. If you look at the top photo of the Purple Sandpiper taken with the Z6 / 800mm, you can see the eye and legs are sharp. The shot taken at the end of the shoot of the Purple Sandpipers, you...

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on Feb 14, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

What to Put with the Color?

Who hasn’t seen a sunrise or sunset, grabbed a camera and gone rushing towards it? You don’t need to be a photographer to have the flaming orange ball in the sky wrapped in color to stop you cold in your tracks. With our audience of ur images already having a personal reference to great sunrises and sunsets, our photos at the very least have to match that perception of grander. If you remove all elements from the photo but the red-orange color, what do you have? Just color, no story nor emotion. So this means the foreground is really important, perhaps more important than the sunset itself. Here are two photos of the same subject, just including more or less of it. “Hit or Miss” is a great subject by itself but when you have those skies, the old girl comes to life. But with that color, what do you include or not include to tell the story? Is there a right or wrong answer? I personally don’t think...

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on Jan 11, 2019 in WRP Ed Zone

Just a Glimpse

There’s been a Bobcat in the area for the past few weeks. While not common, not the first time to have them about. It’s been seen many times and even captured on a number of “Ring” devices. Last night at dusk, Sharon gets a call from our dear friend and neighbor Don. One of the things he does is snow removal, using a large loader and a small Bobcat blower. Our neighbor tells Sharon on the phone, “I’ve got a Bobcat!” Sharon said, “Yeah, we know” because Sharon thought he was talking about his snow removal Bobcat. He said, “It’s going down my driveway past the cabin right now!” At this point, Sharon understood Don was talking about a four-legged critter and not his tractor and frantically started waving at me. “Grab your camera, Don has the bobcat!” Sharon said to me so I raced into the office, grabbed the Z6 / 180-400VR off the tripod, slipped on my shoes and raced up the street. I get up into...

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on Dec 21, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

The Z Teaches B&W Photography!

I’ve already talked about how the Z6 / Z7 have made my B&W shooting so much easier with out of the camera stunning B&W. But for many, “seeing” our color world in “B&W” prior to the digital darkroom is a real challenge. Translating full spectrum color to B&W is a craft unto itself. But the Z6 / Z7 can make it a breeze. You can look through the viewfinder (or LCD) and see your world in color and then by simply depressing the i Button, make it B&W. Stop depressing the i Button and you’re seeing full spectrum color. And when you’re ready to make your B&W photo, just go click and you’re done! You first set up the MC Picture Control with your settings (the ones I use are below). Then as the video shows below, just select MC Picture Control and once selected, depressing the i Button shows you exactly what your scene will look like in B&W. It’s a great tool to help yourself learn to...

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