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on Sep 19, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

You Registered? It’s Free Money!

It’s real simple, you like free money? That’s how Ed explained it to me when talking about copyright registration. Because without your images being registered, you can’t legally go after someone who has used your image without your permission. Ed & Jack really know their stuff and they love sharing it. Their problem is, so few of us photographers listen. So, click on the book above and order it. Head to their blog, The Copyright Zone and do some reading. And their latest B&H Event Space class was just posted. There is every reason all of us should have our images...

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on Sep 4, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Working Wide & In a Flash

One lens most don’t think of for photographing folks is the Nikkor 8-15 Fisheye. I have found though that this lens is not only good in this role but essential in documenting the restoration of the C-47 of our Normandy Bound project. Shooting at 15mm, the 8-15Fish permits me to tell the story of the work, the enormity of the project and a sense of the scale of it all. While taking in that 180 degrees is what I’m after, it presents a heck of a problem when it comes to adding flash. That’s because you don’t want the flash in the photograph. With the huge range of light and the fact the 8-15Fish takes is so much of that light, to balance the ambient light with the flash, I shoot in Manual / Ratio mode (from 1/4 to 1/32). I use the WR-R10 to control the SB-5000 which is essential, I can’t afford cords getting in the photo. I start with framing the story in the viewfinder and...

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on Aug 28, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

“It’s All About Problem Solving”

One of my first classes in photography was taught by my best instructor. He said the first day of class, “It’s all about problem-solving!” “Those who can solve problems in the picture taking process are those who will be successful. And those who can’t, well …” The funny thing about this simple proposition or, fickled finger of fate is, it’s true! I had the great fun of flying to NYC for the Nikon Z7 launch with my dear friend and hero Dave Black. We pretty much spent the three days together reminiscing as well as comparing notes on the Z7. And the funny thing is, we talked most about the Z7 and the problems we could see it solving in our own photography. Above, Dave has the 105f1.4 on the Z7 / FTZ to see if it does work as advertised. It most certainly does! It was simple, old fashion identifying problems and working out the solutions. What you should do with ANY piece of gear YOU think of...

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on Aug 10, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

“Printing Moves My Photography Forward”

“Printing moves my photography forward?” A handful of emails came in with this question as folks read my latest Print Lab (and thanks!). While all the steps, the mechanics of making a print are on my site and in the PDF, how we can learn from our printing isn’t listed anywhere there or on my site. This is because printing is a visual that must be witnessed and experienced in person. I post here a photo from Bryce Canyon I took back in Feb 2000 with the new digital Nikon D1. Its sensor (2.7mp) took this file creating the 11MB Nef file that I printed 24×30. It’s from that image, that print that I knew then that digital was it for me and never shot film after that time. It totally changed my career and more importantly, my photography, forever! We hosted a Print Lab “party” for four dear friends a couple of weeks back at our office who wanted to learn for themselves from their images how to...

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on Aug 7, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose’s Print Lab Updated

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally updated my Moose’s Print Lab page. In addition, I have completely written a new Print Lab 2018 workbook. Printing is such an essential part of photography, learning, growing, and sharing. I hope this helps...

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on Aug 1, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Study Proves, It’s All About Memories!

EAA AirVenture, better known as simply as Osh, has always been a place of great learning for me. Yes, the planes are sweet and do get a lot of my focus, but the people, they are what really makes Osh, Osh. I learned that my very first Osh with Stanley and it has been reinforced every Osh since. This one was no different. We were doing our book signing in the Welcome Center (and thanks to ALL of you who came by!) where our host was Charlie, a really nice guy, retired, and wanted to do everything possible to sell every book on the racks (which we did that morning). We were about halfway through the book signing, had a small lull when he told me he was a retired executive from Polaroid. As you can imagine, that got my attention. We were talking photography when he brought up a study Polaroid did back in the 70’s. They asked folks to send in their Polaroids (if you don’t know...

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