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on Jul 19, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Nothing like a LensCoat in Summer!

I feel much better now the 180-400VR is wrapped up safe and sound in its LensCoat! Walking through a forest, working in a crowd and an airshow, my own basic klutziness, are just some reasons I trust my gear to LensCoat. The one thing about the 180-400VR, the “nameplate” is on the rotating collar which I rotate around when I’m shooting handholding the lens. I could easily scratch that up but not now, the LensCoat protects it perfectly! And I like how it also protect the 1.4x lever on the side. That’s a nice touch. It’s a simple investment that pays for itself if you want to later sell your gear and have it look like new. I can do simple, I do...

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on Jul 2, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose & “Pink Juice”

I’ve been using “Pink Juice” since 1979! If you know anything about the photo industry, anything that’s been around that long has to be great! I certainly do which is why I use it to clean EVERYTHING except my sensor. Lots of folks use it as well, and some still head to the LensClens website wondering which of their product is “Pink Juice” as it’s known in the industry and then see the warning and wig out. Well, here’s the reason behind the warning as stated by the folks at LensClens. “Pink Juice” is in fact the same item as Lens Clens #1. Because Lens Clens #1 has chemicals that will attack plastic over time (12-24 hours or longer) we have to protect our self from liability with a cautionary statement because we don’t know how every customer will use it. Our primary business is with industrial based customers, where usage can involve hundreds and thousands of parts. If you take a hard plastic part and soak it in...

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on Jun 22, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Where Can You Find the Perfect Exposure?

from Shutterbug, Sept 1995 After my post from yesterday, I’ve neem flooded with questions about exposure (and answering them is really hard as the 180-400VR just arrived today!). Everything from the “expose to the right,” to “do it in post,” to just about every other myth and formula known to photographers sent with the follow-up question, “Is this what you mean by perfect exposure?” What follows is a reprint from a 1995 piece I wrote on exposure. This was written in the days of film, before digital, but majority of what follows (and a lot follows) still applies to today’s digital IMHO. Those who know me might find that I’ve not changed when it comes to my use of exposure because for me, exposure = emotion. And emotion is how you grab heartstrings and tell stories. Enjoy! With so much that has been written about exposure, the big question still remains for many. What is “the” perfect exposure? I want to add my two cents worth, in answering this...

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on Jun 20, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Nik is So Back!

YES, Nik is so back! DxO has rereleased Nik so it now works as it always has on ALL platforms. You might have been like me and instantly went to the website, bought it at its re-introductory price only to find it didn’t install. DxO now has that “bug” dealt with so it will install on all machines and platforms. Thank you DxO!!!! The best part is that all our OLD Nik Recipes are now working just as they always have! That means that if you want, you could download my Recipes and install them and the work just like before! So before my inbox gets flooded, yes this means Nik is my only plugin of choice for my image finishing. I was part of its inception, some of the filters and biggest fanboy from day one. It’s not changed and now all my Recipes and favorite filters are back, I’m so back. If you’ve not checked it out, you need to....

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on Apr 26, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

The Long & Very Short of It

It’s actually, photographically, pretty darn simple, in theory. Using long to show scale and short to show size. But showing both with the same subject, that takes a little looking. The Co-OP at Johnson made it simple though. Shooting with the D850 I used the 300PF to “compact” the landscape and make the Co-OP give scale to the landscape by shooting at an extreme distance. Then shooting with the 8-15Fish, got right up tight with the Co-OP. Two different views, two different lenses, two different stories for one subject. Great morning of...

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on Apr 4, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Revisiting & Reprocessing Old HDR

It was only seven years ago when I took this photo, one that has always been one of my favorites. It’s of Kermit Week’s P-51C Red Tail, “Ina the Macon Belle,” a photo I took great care to set up for the light for the ground fog. Now I wish I had written down all I was seeing when I took the photo because that so influences all I do. I know I wanted indirect light on the fuselage so there was no specular highlights. I wanted the background hangar to just have a kiss of light and wanted less tarmac. And for some reason, I felt I needed to shoot a five frame HDR and finish it with those five images in post to get my final photo (what you see below). I have the feeling it was because of the black reflection and shadow under the wings. Well, for seven years the bottom photo represented my efforts and was a favorite of mine. Then yesterday we had...

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