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on Aug 25, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Safeguarding our Feathered Friends

Evening Grosbeak (immature male)captured by D6 / 800mm w/TC-1.25 We feed lots of birds, lots! Some of the birds eating our 320lbs of seed we put out monthly are residents. Residents are those birds that are The Ranch 365. At least half of the birds like the Evening Grosbeak you see above, are migrants. Those are birds that comes to North America each springs to raise the next generation. Our food we put out help these migrates in raising their young and provides fuel for their migration. And it might be killing them! If you feed birds, you have probably heard at least once, the “thud” when they crash into your window. This past weekend we were out with our birds when a Coopers Hawk not once, but three times within an hour tried to make a grab for our birds. A couple of them crashed into the window in their panic to get away. None died in the process but we have had one or two that did....

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on Aug 11, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

D or Z – That IS the Question

Ever since I posted my D6 1st Thoughts video, I’ve had lots of great conversations with photographers with a common theme. “Do I buy the D6 of Z6/Z7?” This is not the first time in photographic history photographers have wondered which model to buy, but now the “difference” seems on the surface, much greater. I always smile when folks ask me this though since I own all three bodies. I can see where it might make sense to ask someone who does shoot with them all. But then, someone who owns all three might not have the answer for himself :-) FWIW, Here’s how it breaks down for my own photography. The D6 is my primary body, replacing the D5 (which I still own and use as a back up for the D6). The D6 is my go to for critters and aircraft doing an obsolutely splendid job in that role. The Z7 is my go to for aircraft static shooting and landscapes. The Z6 fills in perfectly many...

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on Jul 28, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

I Was Sweating Bullets

“Do you shoot weddings?” My very quick response was a resounding, “no!!” My iPhone had already announced who was calling and knowing that, the question that came was not one I was not expecting. After Bernie told me all that had transpired for his upcoming wedding, I said of course I’d shoot his wedding. Flying to CA from MT and shooting a wedding during COVID wasn’t at the top of mind. Not screwing up royally, that was what had me sweating bullets! I had put myself through college shooting weddings, stopping the day I graduated and I’ve not shot one since. That’s nearly a forty-year drought. What was I thinkin when I said yes to Bernie? Yikes! A week prior to the wedding, I pulled out all my gear I thought I would want and need. I decided the Z6 / 105f1.4 would be my prime and Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 second setup. That turned out working brilliantly. I had an SB-5000 connected to both (via the WR-R10), camera in...

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on Jun 26, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

The 500PF is Such a Delightful Lens!

We’re at our friends Auntie’s house who has created a delightful “shooting Gallery in her backyard. She has it set up for the 500PF so I grabbed her lens and started shooting. All sorts of birds came in and it was fun to shoot the Lesser Goldfinch and especially the Bushtits which I’ve not photographed for decades! I love Bushtits! They are smaller than your pinkie and weigh less than a dime. So darn cute!!!! I was handholding the D6 / 500PF which made the photography so enjoyable. I shot a lot of great birds in a short time with Autie’s great 500PF and shooting gallery, I fell back in love with the 500PF! So I finished shooting as the hot sun crept around the corner and started to bake me and ingested my images. Right then I received a text from my friend at Bedford Camera that they just got some 500PF in stock. Oh man, it would be a great lens for The Ranch and my backyard...

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on Jun 23, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose’s Camera Settings

Settings can make your camera truly, yours! They bring out the best of the features you depend on so you can concentrate on your photography and not your gear. But where do you start? Here are the settings I use. They are a great place for you to start. Nikon D6 Settings Nikon D5 Settings Nikon D850 Settings Nikon Z7 Settings Nikon Z6 Settings Nikon D500 Settings Nikon D7500 Settings Nikon D810 Settings Nikon D750 Settings Nikon D800 Settings Nikon D4s Settings Nikon Df Settings Nikon D4 Settings Nikon D2x Settings I hope this helps you jump start your Nikon body...

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on Jun 16, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Adobe Release Major ACR Update!

Adobe released a bunch of very cool updates to Photoshop and Lightroom today, but I’m most excited about ACR! The video below just hints at the upgrades. Check it out and then update...

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