For the last couple of decades, we’ve hosted photographers from around the world in our office who wanted to move their photography forward. Some have spent days with me as we went out shooting, worked images in the digital darkroom, and then printed them. Some come just to have a portfolio review. Many have come to get their photo business moving forward, others to expand their photographic horizons as they start a whole new track. Our last PT (private tutoring) at The Ranch loved it and asked if I had thought about offering them virtually. I hadn’t, but it makes total sense, so VPT – Virtual Private Tutoring has been born!

It’s actually really simple, just did one via Zoom. You pick the topic and I do my darndest to provide you the answers you need for YOUR photography. We can cover all the topics you want with really no time limit. Up to the first hour, the fee is $99 and then we simply negotiate how much for the time you need. Please call the office and talk with Sharon to get on the calendar (760 924 8632) and then you’ll just need the internet and we’re good to go.

I look forward to meeting you and being of service to you and your photography!

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