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24-29 March,’19 Flaming Gorge Bighorns, UT

07-12 July ’19 MT Critters, Landscapes & Ghost Towns, MT

02-06 Sept ’19, Monterey Birds, CA

16-20 Sept ’19, Desert Sheep & Birds, CA

14-19 Oct ’19 Great Smokies, TN

28 Oct – 01 Nov, 2019 Yellowstone, WY

13-18 Jan, 2020 OR – WA Coast

Moose offers a lot of different workshops from big, grand adventures to personalized one on one tutoring, from big game to the smallest rock. Our goal is pretty simple, help you make the most of YOUR photography. To learn about all the workshops we offer, here’s a quick description but call Sharon for the whole enchilada!

We are very excited to be offering All our Workshop / Adventure participants a full, one-year KelbyOne Pro Subscription (with paid registration starting July, 2018). This is being made possible by our dear friends at KelbyOne, which we are incredibly grateful for. This provides you to ALL of the KelbyOne Classes (and their discounts on other products) including Moose’s Classes.

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Flaming Gorge Bighorns
24-29 March, 2019
Nestled in the mountains east of Salt Lake City is a gorge, a jewel of our wild heritage. The Flaming Gorge is a gorgeous combination of Arches & Grand Canyon with water added in wrapped up in one location. Ya, I’m not going for that, but rather the Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep that populate the area (along with other big game). A long, legendary location for photographing Bighorn, it’s been on my hit list for a very long time. The time of the trip is for the best light with the best looking winter coats when the sheep are close but it still looks like winter light. It’s going to be a great trip!

I’ll be journeying with six shooters (only 2 spots open) with me so I’m inviting you to join me 24-29 March 2019 (flying into SLC the 24th, out the 29th). The main focus will be the Sheep but hey, since we’re there, we’ll do some landscape shooting as well (It’s not an ugly place). The price, $1750, includes transportation once you arrive at SLC until you leave, instruction, guiding, education and of course, entertainment (staying in the cabins of the fabulous Red Cyn Lodge (not included in price).

This is not a long lens Adventure! 400mm is the most you’ll need along with your normal landscape gear kit. This is not a hiking Adv, the Sheep, for the most part, come down to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. If you want to join me, and I hope you do, feel free to call as well, Ms. Sharon 661.204.1506.

Montana Wildlife, Landscapes and Ghost Town Adventure 07-12 July, 2019
We’re very excited to be offering our Montana Wildlife, Landscapes and Ghost Town Adventure 07-12 July, 2019 (that’s next year :-). We’ll be based out of Bozeman, MT and exploring the vast grandeur the MT landscape offers. Big game, vast vistas and the many ghost towns are greater than we have time to fully explore providing tons of photographic subjects. Being the start of summer, the skies are full of gorgeous clouds giving us gorgeous light to work with.
The price is $1890 which includes transportation once in Bozeman, MT, instruction and all entrance fees. The Adventure will cover photography, biology, history and digital darkroom instruction. The Adventure is limited to just six shooters (get it, the west, six shooters, couldn’t pass it up?). If you’d like more information or to sign up (2 openings), give Sharon a call 661.204.1506. We look forward to shooting with you, partner!

Monterey Birds 02-06 Sept
Based out of Monterey, CA, this is a bird packed Adventure with 300 bird species more than likely during our Adventure. What makes this trip a stand out is I’ll be taking folks out onto Monterey Bay on at least 1 Pelagic Bird trip. This is an eight hour boat trip photographing birds that NEVER come to shore, shearwaters, albatross, petrels and much more that will truly test your panning and hand-holding abilities. It’s so much fun! And back on shore we’ll have amazing shorebirds, waterfowl and rails. Oh ya, there might be one lighthouse :-) This Adventure is open to six shooters, dates 02-06 Sept, price is $2100 (price includes Pelagic trip). If you can join us, please give Sharon a call 661.204.1506.

Desert Bighorn Sheep and Birds 16-20 Sept ’19
The Southern California desert just past civilization is a treasure of wild creatures. The canyons and springs bring a photographic challenge and reward for those souls who venture into their midst. The Desert Bighorn is really quite different from the more commonly thought of Rocky Mountain Bighorn in look and habitat. Those we’ll photograph this trip are the Peninsular or Desert Bighorn. Long story but were listed as endangered until politics made them no longer a unique subspecies. They are a spectacular species living in the beautiful San Jacinto Mtns. Along with these, we’ll head to the Salton Sea, a fall bird paradise with some very unique species in a photographically bizarre world. And we might do some shooting on the huge wind farm with heavenly bodies if time permits. I’m taking just five shooters, the price is $1895 which includes instruction, preworkshop packet, transportation once you land in Palm Springs and until you leave, instruction and a laugh or two. And we’d love to have you join our merry band. You can call the office 760.924.8632 (M-F 9-5PST) and Sharon will be happy to help you get registration. A payment of half the workshop price is required upon signing up. I look forward to shooting with you!

Great Smokies 14-19 Oct
Sharon & I are very excited to invite you to join us in the Great Smokies 14-19 Oct, 2019 for a smokin great time (flyin in the 14th, out the 19th)! The Smokies are an incredibly gorgeous locale for fall color and B&W photography. Fall is also known for the Black Bears, which are the most common and possible to photograph in fall.

This is an Adventure for just 6 shooters. Sharon got us a smokin great room rate at a lodge in Townsend. The price is $1950 that covers transportation to and from Knoxsville. If you’re interested in joining us, please give Sharon a call 661.204.1506.
Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service

Yellowstone Wolf & Big Game Photographic Workshop
28 Oct – 01 Nov, 2019

Yellowstone in fall is a spectacular wild treasure that sees few folks. The critters know that and come out to play, the wolf especially. While there is zero guarantee you’ll photograph them, exploring the vast Lamar Valley and more is our best bet to getting glass on this amazing creature. Wolves, grizzlies, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, coyote, badger and just a few of the targeted critters during our week!

If you’d like to get an idea of the photos our wildlife photographic workshop produce, check out my critters workshop portfolios. I work very hard to not only share and inspire you with my decades of biological knowledge but use it to get you the photograph. Come join me and six other shooters for a great week in the beauty of Yellowstone! We’ll be based out of Livingston, MT (flying into Bozeman, MT) and for $1800, you’ll be picked up at the airport and taken back, preworkshop packet, instruction, entertainment, and guiding is all included in the price (food & lodging are not). If you’re up for the challange and want to hear for yourself the most amazing sound in nature, give Sharon a call 760.924.8632 (9-5PST). She’ll be happy to answer your questions and get your signed up. (1/2 deposit due upon registration). I look forward to shooting with you!

Battery Point Lighthouse
won’t be a subject this adv

13-18 Jan, 2020 Oregon – Washington Coast
Big waves, rugged coastline and a lighthouse on the bluffs, about as romantic a photograph you can conjure up! I’ve had many requests to head back to the OR Coast, the northern part just for that photograph which is what this photographic workshop is all about! We’ll start near Tillamook, OR and end up at Cape Disappointment, WA. The trip is in the middle of winter to take advantage of the giant waves that occur along the entire coastline. From rocky cliffs, long beaches and at least five lighthouses, we’ll chase those monster waves and the drama they bring. Cape Disappointment with giant winter waves has long been on my list and I plan on getting the shot and changing the name of that point! We will start and end in Portland and have one lodging change during the trip. I’ll be taking just five hearty shooters along on this adventure. The price is $1895 (half do at the time of registration) which includes transportation once you land until you take off again, lots of instruction including lighting a lighthouse, long exposures & B&W, laughs and perhaps a hot cup of Joe once or twice. We’d love to have you join us! Give Sharon a call 760.924.8632 (9-5PST M-F) and she’d be happy to get you signed up for the fun and adventure!

Master Light Program – Moose Peterson and WRP over a decade ago launched MLP, an opportunity for the serious wildlife photographers to take their photography to a whole new level. Moose Peterson’s Master Light Program is a three-month intensive shooting, teaching and learning experience for those who want only the very best from their wildlife photography. The normal process is sending in a written proposal to be accepted into the program. Because of current MLP schedule, we are accepting any proposals for 2019 now.

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