28 Apl – 03 May 2024 Cape Hatteras, NC Bird Adv

02-07 June 2024 The Palouse

18-23 Aug 2024 Monument Valley

08-13 Sept 2024 ME Fall Color & Moose

13-18 Oct 2024 Yellowstone Fall Adventure

17-22 Nov 2024 Yellowstone Wolf Adv

27-31 Jan 2025 Yellowstone Winter Adv

16-21 Feb 2025 SE Florida Birds

Moose offers a lot of different workshops from big, grand adventures to personalized one on one tutoring, from big game to the smallest rock. Our goal is pretty simple, help you make the most of YOUR photography. You can see a sample of the images taken on our workshops here on my galleries. To learn about all the workshops we offer, here’s a quick description but call Sharon for the whole enchilada!

You can get an idea of some of the photos we’re able to capture while out on an Adventure heading to my Adobe MyPortfolio pages. We work hard to put your in front of interesting things in the best light.

The Palouse, WA 02-07 June, 2024

The rolling hillls of The Palouse are sculpted by plow and light presenting the lens a landscape that draws you in! All seasons are gorgeous on The Palouse with the transition between spring and summer being my favorite. The vast carpet of green has more shades that one can imagine with the browns of summer peaking through here and there. The sun is still low enough on the horizon for grand shadows with a touch of highlight for depth. It’s a landscape you can easily get lost in and I invite you to do just that with me!

We fly into Spokane WA and  stay in the heart of The Palouse. The price is $1495 and includes transportaton from and back to Spokane where you fly in, preAdventure packet, Zoom, field and digital darkroom instruction and lots of entertainment. We’re taking six shooters and would love to have you join us! You get registered (half due at time of registration) by calling Sharon 406 .240 .3503 (9-5MST).

Monument Valley 18-23 August, 2024

It’s been a few years so we’re heading back to Monument Valley! The timing of the Adventure is to take advantage of two events, one for sure and the other, almost for sure. The rooms we stay in afford us killer photography this time of year right from the balcony as the sun works its magic right behind the mittens as you see above. The other reason is for the monsoons which bring an entirely different level of magic to Monument Valley!

We will be taking 6 shooters. The price is $2050 and includes transportation (from either Phoenix or Flagstaff), 2 guided tours into the valley (in closed areas), A Slot Canyon trip, preAdventure packet & zoom, education, and entertainment.

If you would like to join us, please give my sweet bride Ms Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503

Maine Fall Color & Moose 08-13 Sept, 2024

Maine in fall is simply equisite! Hills after hill of color, ponds and lakes reflecting that spelndor. Along their edges and in the bogs are Moose in their winter coats and bulls with their magnificent racks. Dotted here and there is Americana with that old Americana charm. It’s a beautiful region of our country presenting photographs nearly at every turn. I sure would love to share it all with you!

We fly into Bangor ME and  stay in the heart of the Moose corridor. The price is $1495 and includes transportaton from and back to Bangor where you fly in, preAdventure packet, Zoom, field and digital darkroom instruction and lots of entertainment. We’re taking six shooters and would love to have you join us! You get registered (half due at time of registration) by calling Sharon 406 .240 .3503 (9-5MST).

Yellowstone Fall Adv Oct 13-18, 2024

Yellowstone in fall is one of my favorite times to explore this grand landscape! There is a nip in the air so you can see the steam dot the landscape. The Bison, Elk, Wolves and deer are in their new winter coats, all buff and ready for the coming winter. And here and there as you look across the landscape are dots of orange and yellow. This is all blanketed in the gorgeous, warm mellow light of fall. Simply spectacular! We are so pleased to be putting on the calendar our Fall Yellowstone Adv and invite you to join us 13-18 October, 2024.

You’ll be flying in / out of Bozeman, MT where you’ll be picked up and taken to Gardner, MT where we’ll be based. Each day we’ll head out to see what the park has to offer us. I’m inviting six shooters (only 3 spots remain) to explore this vast, majestic landscape with us for the week. The price is $2250 which includes transportation once you arrive to BZN until you’re dropped back off, Adventure preparation packets, premeeting Zoom, education and entertainment.

If you’re able to join us, please reach out to Sharon 406 .240 .3503 (9-5MST)and let her know. It’s going to be another grand time and Adventure!


Yellowstone Wolf Adventure 17-22 Nov, 2024

Yellowstone at the begining of winter is an entirely different place I so love and want to share with you!! This Adventure targets the wolves of Yellowstone (no guarantee we’ll see one though) and while we will see them, it is up to them whether we get to photograph them. There are no guarantees in wildlife photography. They are not the only photographic opportunity though. The big game are their most handsome with full racks, fat reserves and pelts. The Bison, well they are just Bison with rut over and cereal box eating in full swing. Then there is the landscape transformed by the first snows. There is something very special about it all and I can’t wait to share it with you!

The park roads are closed except the one we want so we basically have the park to ourselves. Yellowstone closes all its roads the beginning of Nov except the road to Cooke City. We will take advantage of this by haunting the road looking for those critters and landscapes that delight our hearts to fill the viewfinder. The price for our 2024 Yellowstone Fall Adventure is $2450 which includes transportation once you arrive in Bozeman until your return to there, entertainment, education, inspiration and guiding. We will be based out of Livingston, MT which is a thirty minute drive from Bozeman.

We will be taking just five shooters with us and we’d love one of them to be you! If you’d like to join in on this Adventure, please give Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503 to reserve your spot. I look forward to shooting with you in 2024!

WRP is a permittee of YNP


Yellowstone Winter Adventure 27-31 Jan, 2025

Yellowstone Nat’l Park! This will be our 20th year heading into the park exploring this amazing wilderness at the height of winter when it’s at its coldest and most beautiful! We cruise the park in a private snowcoach following the light and the subjects. This is a wildlife centric Adventure but we don’t pass up the gorgeous landscapes.

We take just six shooters on this Adventure and for the first time, we have one opening to offer the public. The dates are Jan 27-31, five days in the park. To find out the rest of the details or to register, just give Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503 and she’ll get ya in. Look forward to shooting with you in the most amazing location you’ve ever shot int!

SE Florida Birds Adventure 16-21 Feb, 2025

We want to invite you to join us in Florida SE Florida / Wakodahatchee Adventure for unbelievable bird photography!

The SE Florida and the Wakodahatchee Wetlands is home to a few hundred species of birds. They are easily accessed like at the wetlands via boardwalk taking us through a number of habitats. Along with other bird hotspots in the area, this is a pixel burning Adventure! We’re heading to Wakodahatchee during breeding season when the Egrets, Spoonbills and others are in their finest. A number of migrating species are back from the south putting on a show for their mate and our lenses. It’s a Adventure where you’ll want the long lens on the tripod and flight lens on the shoulder as we access the wetlands. It’s going to be grand and can’t wait to explore it with you!

The price is $1950 which covers instruction, packet written just for this adventure, premeeting zoo, and transportation once you arrive in Miami, FL and much more (food & lodging not included in the price). There is room for five shooters on this Adventure with two openings available. If you’re interested, please give Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503.


We can’t advise strongly enough the need to buy trip insurance (read our cancellation policy) for all your Adventures including those with us! It can just take the edge off booking your next trip knowing you have that in your back pocket!

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