Going Back to 1908 School

Sula School House captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

Site of an American Fur Trading rendezvous and Lewis & Clark route east, Sula is a small spot on the map filled with coolness. The wide open space is great for landscapes, wildlife and requires a stop at the old school house. When you walk up to it you’ll find the door closed but a sign inviting you in. Once inside, you’ll find what you see above. Like any good school room, the blackboards have the days lessons, in this case facts from 1908. And just like days past when in school, I’ve already forgotten the lessons other than they were about the president of the day and the population of Montana in 1908.

When you arrive at the school house, it might look different then the photograph below. That’s because the massive electrical pole / relay / wires are missing from the photography. The modern array was visually just too much so I took the liberty of putting Generative Fill to work to take me back to the day. The B&W is right out of the Z 8 and the clouds, that’s why I stopped in the first place. New lessons, old lessons, it was fun going back to 1908 school.

Sula School House captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

Waiting for the Light

Currituck Sound captured by Z 8 / Z24-70f2.8 Dark Monochrome

Back for my second day at this amazing Osprey nest, it was raining when we parked. After setting up the Z 9 / Z600f4TC I noticed the skies were breaking in a somewhat dramatic fashion. So I grabbed the Z 8 / Z24-70f2.8 for any landscape opportunities that might arise. No sooner than I was at the nest when the light started to work it’s magic. I set the Z 8 to Dark Monochrome and let it bring home the light on Currituck Sound. The photo above is right out of the camera. Within thirty minutes the energy of the storm was gone, the skies cleared really fast. It was a great show! And with that, I turned the Z600 to the nest that was still in the shadow of the remaining cloud and enjoyed my time waiting for the light.

Landscape with A Twist

Wright Flyer replica, Kitty Hawk Memorial captured by Z 8 / Z24-70f2.8

Had an excellent morning photographing flight! First, a nesting pair of Osprey building their nest and then at the Wright Brother Memorial in Kitty Hawk, NC. The location where first powered flight occurred is where the brothers proved their “wing warping” principle actually worked for sustained flight. Wing Warping is something the Wright Brothers received a patented for in 1906. What is wing warping you ask? That’s where the wing tip are “warped” or perhaps better understood as “twisted” to change the direction of flight. With few folks around today, I was able to shoot through the Wright Flyer to the Memorial erected on the dune they used for their glider experiments prior to powered flight (though the wind moved the dune to where it is today) in the background. Looking through the wings that they “warped”, it occurred to me that I was taking a landscape with a twist!

The Valley is Calling!

Upper Yosemite Falls captured by D3x / 70-200f2.8

The Sierra has a good snow pack, the spring rains are bringing green and the sun is kissing it all creating a gorgeous May in Yosemite. May tends to have the greatest amount of water in the falls, one of Yosemite’s magical elements and it’s calling all photographers. May is the last month before summer when the park swells with people coming to soak in its beauty as well. Now is the time to plan your trip. You want to hit the falls of course, but there are lots of trails in The Valley and upper reaches of the park with great treasures. Hitting the trail is a great way to leave the public behind and have the park all to yourself. Focus in on the trails along any water way will reward you with critters, high sierra wildflowers and the creeks themselves. As Muir would say over and over again, The Valley is calling!

Bolivar Flats Doesn’t Disappoint

Bolivar Flats captured by Z 8 / Z24-120

The Ferry ride means you never reach the beach the same time each day. At the same time the morning cloud cover we want for our shorebird photography might always cooperate. In those cases, we do or don’t get a sunrise. On this morning, we reached our spot a little after sunrise and after getting the Z 9 / Z600f4 TC ready to go, I took a moment to make a simple click of our greeting. And while brilliant for a heartbeat, I was happy to see the sun tuck itself back behind a cloud for what turned out to be a killer day of shorebird photography!

Makes It Hard to Concentrate on the Fly!

The Bitterroot River and Mountains captured by Z 8 / Z24-120

There are certain things that are a must when you go out fly fishing, rod, flies, net, license and for Jake and I, the camera. The main goal of the camera is to get shot of the other as they are playing and landing that great fish. Then there is that other thing, photography in general. I have no doubt that other fisherman saw me out in the water fishing with a camera on my back thinking I was nuts. I’m sure I am but when you’re offered up views like this, well, I just gotta click. For me, views like this make it hard to concentrate on the fly!

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