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on Feb 17, 2021 in Landscape Photography

Finishing The Wave

Cape Disappointment captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 I received a bunch of emails asking about the wave images I posted on my IG account a few weeks back. The common thread was, “How’d you finish them?” The answer is really simple when you think about it, you finish them in post beginning with the light captured by the camera and then carrying that through to the print. Let me explain. The Raw image from above There needs to be some light, even the smallest amount coming through the wave. I selected this image to dramatically make my point as you can see the light on the horizon on the right. That light bleeds through the wave in the smallest amounts. That’s all you need as long as you finish for it. The finishing for me starts and mostly ends in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw). It starts in the Basic Panel where the Raw file is loaded and my Preset is automatically applied. My Preset is simply the Standard...

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on Feb 11, 2021 in Landscape Photography

Why the 2nd Body

Skagit Valley captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 My entire career when I’ve headed out to photograph birds or mammals with a big lens, I’ve had a second body / lens on my shoulder. It’s actually real simple, Mother Nature is always putting on a show and while I love registering them forever on the thin emulsion of my mind, I want to share them with you. Out on the marshes of Skagit Valley to photograph the “Blonde” Bald Eagle, this gorgeous scene presented itself. Without that second body / lens (in this case the Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8) I wouldn’t have the story to share. It’s not a backup, but a primary landscape kit to complement the wildlife rig on the tripod. In my kit, that’s why the second...

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on Jan 28, 2021 in Landscape Photography

The Explosive Power

It stays underground and “cooks” for ninety minutes. If you were able to put an ear to the ground, you can hear the rumblings, gurgles and bangs as the pressure slowly builds. Then with a spurt and a spat it announces its coming. Then, explosion, water and steam as Old Faithful puts on the show it has been doing for centuries. It’s simply amazing, the explosive...

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on Jan 27, 2021 in Landscape Photography

The Flowing Power

Lower Yellowstone Falls captured by Z 6 II / Z70-200f2.8 Lower Yellowstone Falls is a gorgeous and peaceful sight even though it crashes 308 feet down the canyon floor. Don’t let the fact that at the height of runoff, 63,500 gal/sec rushes over the edge influence your impression. Or that that wall of ice beside and front of it yesterday was created by that flow and is nearly half the height of the falls. It’s a calming scene that brings you tranquility, one of many such in Yellowstone, the flowing...

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on Jan 26, 2021 in Landscape Photography

The Inner Power

Porcelain Basin captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 You heard a tea pot blowing its top, multiple train whistles, car horns, nearly every sound you can imagine as Porcelain Basin in Yellowstone put on one heck of a show. With magma just two miles below the surface, the heat has to have a place to escape on yesterday morning Porcelain was the place! We stood on the rim as time flew past photographing the every changing landscape below. I’ve been coming here since decades and this was the first time I’d ever seen this show. Wow, Mother Nature, it has some inner...

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on Dec 16, 2020 in Landscape Photography

That Clingy Snow

Firehole River photo captured by Z 7 / 180-400 That shot of trees covered with snow takes a couple of weather factors, the first is water. It’s the snow with a lot of moisture content that tends to cling onto trees limbs as it falls. The wetter the better but then the key is cold. But if you have cold when the snow is falling, it’s not wet. That’s why often you’ll see the snow cling and then your won’t as once warmth hits, it drops off from its weight (pine boughs are adapted just for this). The moral of the story, you want the photo of the snow covered tress, or this case, a rock in a creek, shoot it ASAP, don’t come back to get it later. It will be...

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