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on Jul 30, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Celebrating Flight – Photographing Hummers, the video

Photographing hummers is a favorite pastime of mine, one I don’t get to do often enough. There are some great images out there waiting for us all and I want to pass along what I’ve gleaned in the hopes you to get taken with the little jewels. The video covers the biology, technology, and shooting strategies I’ve picked up over the years leading me to my greatest success so far, but not to my best. I hope you take what I have provided and run with it, creating even better photographs of hummers you share with the world! The gear in the video is: Nikon D6 Nikkor 180-400VR 2x SB-5000 2x SD-9 20 Eneloop AA Flash Bracket – Small Rig Impact Quickbox Micro Arca Swiss B2 head Robus...

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on Jul 22, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

“Its Mine, Dang it!”

Hummers are just fun to watch! Their speed, their flying, their character, and the way they think every feeder belongs to just them. And apparently, they have this “possession” complex right from the start. Here, an immature Broad-billed Hummer, not more than two months old is challenging an adult for the right to be at the feeder. Now they eat half their body weight each day in “sugar” to keep that 50 beats a second wings going. But you think they could eat less if they didn’t always fight over the feeder. And in this case, there were FIVE feeders, enough for everyone but no, this one was his, dang it! Photographically, I love the challenge of getting more than one hummer in the frame. That is challenging enough but getting them both in focus, well, I’ve only gotten close so far to that goal (and you know what they say about close, atom bombs and the like). I shot this with the D6 / 180-400VR & 2x SB-5000...

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on Jul 15, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Shootin for the Moon!

These flying jewels can entertain us for hours on end and all they are doing is, eating! In the summer down in Arizona on the border, there is a special canyon where the hummers come by the hundreds to the feeders consuming half their body weight in a day on just nector. If you sit yourself down as I have with a D6 / 180-400VR / 2x SB-5000 and you’re lucky, you’ll get a shot of two of this activity to take home with you. It’s actually not easy, takes time and patience but well, it’s just about one of the funniest thing I know of in wildlife...

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on Jul 13, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Remnants of Thunderstorm

It was so bright, your eyes would light up white even though they were closed tight against the pillow! The walls shock with every clamp and it was, magnificent! It’s monsoon season in SE Arizona and the storms our first day was a great warm-up. It was long after midnight when the skies overhead really opened up, quite spectacular. I love lightning. When I went outside first thing this morning at 05:00 though, there was a funny color to the predawn skies. My first thought was dread that a new wildfire had been lit by the storm that night. Within a few moments though, once I walked out from under the oaks, I saw it was remnants of the thunderstorm bouncing around the first glimpse of the sun. I ran back into the cabin, grabbed the D6 / 8-15Fish, and then ran back out and up the road. The next twenty minutes were per Mother Nature magic. Oh, the skies....

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on Jul 8, 2020 in Landscape Photography

“Not Why I’m Here …”

I was sitting there very comfortably reading and watching the evening thunderstorm build outside. The light was getting nicer and nicer and there I sat watching it when the lightbulb went off in my head, “I’m not here just to sit and watch it!” I flew out of my chair, grabbed the D6, and attached the 14-24AFS, and walked out the door with just my flaps on. While I got out, I still wasn’t taking the opportunity laid in my lap seriously. As soon as I got out the door though I saw it just wasn’t just a purdy cloud, it was a magnificent sky! The chase was on. The sky was ablaze, the wind was whistling and I was in flaps heading up the sage up our hill! The clouds were moving so I moved as fast as I could to a clearing so take in as much as I could. Set to 14mm, I realized I still didn’t have wide enough glass. I then had to decide...

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on Jul 7, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Photographing the Cavity Nester – a Vid

Photographing nesting birds is a really entertaining, informative, and rewarding past time! You have to be on top of your game to safeguard the nest and come away with the photograph. This extensive video goes through the biology, technology and combining it to get the shot. It’s a twenty-minute video so I cover it all thoroughly so you can be successful you’re first time out....

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