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on Oct 22, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Rock the Fall Color

Sheep Creek, UTcaptured by Z6 / Z24-200 The color has really popped in the last 24hrs with the cold snap. The combination of crisp air and the warm autumn light made shooting the fall color a snap, and incredibly relaxing. And this morning, the background was just as cool as the foreground. Sheep Creek, UTcaptured by Z6 / Z14-30 The photo at the I was pointed to the south. I turned to the west still standing in the same spot and shot the photo above. The only skill I brought to the situation was able to get up early and drive, Mother Nature did all the...

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on Oct 16, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Catch ‘Em Headin South

Marbled Godwitcaptured by D5 / 800mm The birds are heading south right now and in really great numbers. You can see for yourself for your area with BirdCast. One even set another record going from Alaska to Aukland, a Bar-tailed Godwit who made the 7500 miles journey in 11 days. Dang! It takes fuel to do this and that’s when we want to photograph them, refueling. We don’t want to cause them issues feeding, just photograph them doing such. And if you are there right now, you’ll photograph many in their breeding plumage like this Marbled Godwit. Marbled Godwitcaptured by D5 / 800mm The best way to get the photograph is actually real simple, just requires a little biology and technology combining. First, find their food source. Second, find the best background. Third, Position yourself so you’re at the distance you need for the image size you desire with the food source between you and that background. Fourth, place yourself in that spot and then wait for the birds...

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on Oct 7, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Fall Color – Front or back Light?

Sebago Lakecaptured by Z7 / Z24-200 @24mm With fall color working its way through the season, questions on what is the right way to photograph them pop up. There is no right or wrong but perhaps better or worse based on what you want to say about them. One very simple way is to change up the light. Above is a backlit scene just seconds before the sun raced around the globe. Sebago Lakecaptured by Z7 / Z24-200 @20mm Then turning around there was this tree frontlit. The drama in the color in both photos comes from the darkness or black around them. Backlit, it’s easy to get this darkness. Frontlit, you might need to underexpose which at the same time, saturates the color. In both, the actual fall color doesn’t not fill the frame, in fact, the opposite. This permits the imagination to fill in some of the holes. Our imagination is a powerful tool to tap into your photos, another great attribute of black. Just something to...

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on Oct 6, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Better The 2nd Time

Spring Point Ledge Lighthousecaptured by Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 / Breakthrough 10x Some locations are just too cool. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is one of those where the photos from my first visit just didn’t quite bring back the story for me. So, I went back. Spring Point Ledge Lighthousecaptured by Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 / Breakthrough 10x The top photo is from this morning, the bottom is from last week. Both taken the same time in the morning with the same technique and exposure time, both completely different. Because of the fog that was rolling in, I went wider this morning and that simple element makes the photo for me. I was told long ago it’s always better the second time. It was this...

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on Oct 1, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Spring Point Ledge

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, MEcaptured by Z7 / Z24-200 / 10x Breakthrough It’s been a few years, too many actually, so we’re back on the East Coast getting our lighthouse appetite feed once again! This morning we headed out to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. As lighthouses go, it’s unique in that it’s pudgy with a really special place in the harbor. Being in place before the sun could kiss the lighthouse, I went with a long exposure of 16 minutes to transform the otherwise blah water into a palette for the colors to play on (using Breakthrough 10x). I shot at 9k WB to bring out the subtle colors of the basically bald sky. That was just the start of a marvelous shoot. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, MEcaptured by Z7 / Z24-200 / 10x Breakthrough Before the sun could creep up any more on the horizon, I scooted over to my right and shoot right down the breakwater at the lighthouse. With the exposure time around twelve minutes, the...

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