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on Sep 28, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Roosevelt is Fall!

My total enchantment with Roosevelt Nat’l Park just grows and grows! There isn’t really a corner you turn in the road that isn’t a new visual symphony of color, shapes, and textures. And with the coming of fall sprinkles yellows amongst the tan sandstone. There are two units of Roosevelt, southern and northern. These photos are from the Northern which as a single, fourteen mile round winding through its landscape. It’s just gorgeous!...

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on Sep 27, 2018 in B&W Photography, Simple Click

Simple Click – “The Mound”

The sandstone formations the make Roosevelt Nat’l Park have me in their grasp! They are so unique, every shape and size amongst the most unique settings. You have no idea if this is a mountain or a mole hill which is why I shot it with the D850 / 8-15Fish. Just a facinating...

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on Sep 27, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Roosevelt Nat’l Park – What a Jewel!

I’m up in North Dakota for the first time shooting in Roosevelt Nat’l Park. This place is such a jewel! On my list since the 70s, I’m so glad I made it here and really wish I’d been here decades before! The rolling tapestry of hills, grasses, big skies, and critters at Roosevelt is truly stunning! In just 24 hours I’ve used everything from 8-15Fish to 180-400 working the landscape and critters. And that’s with the first day being mostly rain! In fact, this is going to be a real short post as I have today’s images to still get through before sunrise lights up the day....

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on Sep 25, 2018 in B&W Photography, Moose's Camera Bag

I Freakin Love the Z7 B&W!

Up until this last weekend, my B&W was done in post, not in the camera. That has all changed! Shootin the Z7 / Z24-70 at the Vintage Flying Museum, there was moody light leaking into the hangar highlighting this and that. The light and subject matter screamed B&W and I took it as the perfect opportunity to try the Monochrome, better thought of as B&W feature of the Z7. What you are seeing here are the B&W straight out of the Z7 (Nef – Capture NX-D – Tiff). There is no digital darkroom work on these files! In the Monochrome Picture Control setting, I have taken Contrast to +5, Clarity to +5 and Filter to R (Red) and then I underexposed the whole scene -1 stops. Other than that, I didn’t do a thing other than play the light on the subject to bring out the drama and mood that is B&W. If you follow my blog, you know I have adopted many different methods to get to B&W...

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on Sep 18, 2018 in Landscape Photography

Fall Help

The light is making that move towards lusciousness as we approach the first day of fall. I love this time of year as I talked about on my Podcast yesterday. And that brought up some questions in folks, in the form of … help! My first recommendation is to watch my class on KelbyOne on Fall color. This class goes through everything from gear, tactics, finishing and to answer a number of your questions including places to go on the Eastside for fall color. The most important thing to think about when shooting fall color is looking for color contrast. Now color contrast can be the yellow leaves against the blue sky, red against yellow and the one I think is essential, red+yellow against green. What’s important is making that fall color pop in the viewfinder not depending on post-production so when you do go into post, you need just a touch to finish it all off. In this process, the polarizer can be an incredibly useful tool. It...

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on Aug 16, 2018 in Wildlife Photography

A Moment with Hummers

I had a ton of fun this summer photographing hummingbirds. The thought crossed my mind to use the “slow motion” video mode in the D850 for the first time and record their flight in and out of the feeders. This was a helluva learning experience for me. For example, while it’s obvious, at the time it didn’t occur to me that shooting at 1920×1080 30p x4 sound wouldn’t be recorded. Duh! So while shooting stills with the D5 / 180-400, I had the D850 / 70-200f4 just running. I came back with 1TB of video from this experiment, yikes! I edited it down for a little fun. You can see some of my Hummer stills here at my AZ Bird Portfolio....

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