Z 9 – Which Card?

ProGrade Colbalt 650GB & 325GB CFexpress Type B cards in Z 9

The key to the speed of the Z 9 and its Expeed 7 dual-stream wizardry is the writing speed to the memory and the write speed of the memory. It’s needed for 20fps Raws or 120fps Jpegs stills and 125 minutes 8K video to work so seamlessly. The Z 9 has two CFexpress Type B / XQD or dual slots (do yourself a favor and go CFexpress!). Optimized for high-performance CFexpress Type B cards, the dual slots are independent so you can load them with a CFexpress and/or an XQD, different sizes or write speeds. If you want your Z 9 to deliver all the speeds Nikon reports in the Z 9 literature/instruction book, the ProGrade Cobalt 1700 MB/s cards should be inserted. These are the cards tested with and used to come up with all those amazing write speeds. Personally, I have the ProGrade Cobalt 650GB in slot 1 and the ProGrade Cobalt 325GB in slot 2. I have the slots set up Slot 2 as overflow when shooting still and Slot 2 for recording video. I have also shot with the 1TB ProGrade and the 512GB Delkin Black in the Z 9 flawlessly. Most cards work in the Z 9, only some deliver the blistering speeds. Hope this helps.

Maggie at 40

“You wish your were fast enough” Maggie with her ball captured by Z 9 / Z40f2

I was always a fan of the Nikkor 50f1.4AF. I recently sold it and thought I could live without it. Turns out, I couldn’t. I need a small, fast, normal lens so I reached out to Bedfords Camera and got myself the new Z40f2. It turns out, and it should be no surprise, to be a truly outstanding lens that I now take with me everywhere! Incredibly sharp, screaming fast AF, flat field, and nice DoF for the focal length, it’s simply a fun lens. Nikon doesn’t make a hood just for it so picked up a new HN-3 shade from Grays of London. With the tilt monitor of the Z 9 with the Z40f2 attached, I can play with Maggie with one hand and photograph her with the other. And no, I’m not fast enough to snatch her ball away from her but she knew that :-)

Confidence Goes A Long Way!

Z 9 / 180-400vr attached via the FTZII

Just got off the phone with an old-time friend and great shooter. We were talking about our recent shooting with the new Z 9 and the images we were able to capture. We kept coming back to one word, confidence! Having confidence in our gear instilled confidence in ourselves making the photographic experience so much more enjoyable. Self-doubt doesn’t totally disappear but the confidence to move forward was just stronger. How do you gain confidence in your gear, especially when it’s brand new like the Z 9? We both played with and shot with the Z 9 prior to having a shoot that was on the books. Funny thing, we “played” with the body to the point we both had to recharge the battery, twice.
Part of this confidence-building was not just shooting and learning the Z 9, but using it with the different lenses we depend on for our craft. For example, I’m heading into Yellowstone for a couple of weeks and my primary lens will be the 180-400vr. I need to know how balanced is the Z 9 on the 180-400vr as I will be handholding most of the time. At the same time, I’ll be wearing gloves with this rig. How does all that work? Knowing these answers PRIOR to actually shooting for real builds confidence. And that confidence resonates in the viewfinder and the final photograph. It’s why I’ve referred to my camera kit as my bag of confidence. It goes much further than knowing just which button to push, but why and when. Confidence goes a long way!

Air Zoo is Brilliant!

Air Zoo – Hangar #1 3-image pano captured by Z 9 / Z40f2

The Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum in Kalamazoo, MI is a brilliant facility! They have one-of-a-kind aircraft like the XP-55 as well as the simple Piper Cub and everything else in between. Their volunteers are a wealth of information for those wanting to learn even more than the exhaustive displays share. It’s a great place to do your visual, mental, and photographic homework in prep for an upcoming shoot. In hangar #2 there is a marvelous Guadalcanal exhibit that leads into the main hangar with killer aircraft you can walk right up to and photograph cleanly. Hangar #3 was my favorite though, that’s where they do the restoration currently working on two aircraft that crashed in Lake Michigan during training in WWII. The Wildcat and SBD are right there along with those talented folks bringing them back to life. Talked with one craftsman working on the SBD who was a fountain of information. He was very kind to take 30min of his time to converse and educate us. That’s the kinda place the Air Zoo is and recommend it to you whole heartily!

Moose Podcast #275 – “Done?”

Aero C-104

Grand Haven Lighthouse captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z 2x

This episode of the Moose Podcast #275 – “Done? ” When do you call a photograph, done? Or do you? Is it determined by the subject, the camera, or the computer? And during this process, do you stop too soon or too late? As you might wonder, I pondered this question.

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Florida Bird Photographic Adventure Opening

Roseatte Spoonbill

We have a fun, challenging and productive week of bird photography planned and we’d like to invite you to join us! We’ll be highlighting shorebirds, waterfowl and fingers crossed, a morning boat trip to the Roseatte Spoonbill rockery. Many species will be nesting like the spoonbills, GBH & Wood Storkes and all will be on our target list of stops. We’ll go from lying on the beach having fun with Oystercatches and Skimmers, sandpipers to cypress forests with Pileated Woodpeckers and Owls. There are over eighty species of birds and we’re going to try to at the very least, see them all!

The price is $2350 which includes all transportation once you land in Tampa, instruction, and entertainment. And if you’re into food, well then this is the expedition for you! We’d love to have you join us. I’m limited to just 4 shooters. If you can be one of those, please give Sharon a call 406. 240. 3503 and we’ll get you all set.

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