Disclaimer, or Statement of Fact


What you’ll find here are no more or no less then my $.02 worth when it comes to those things I write about (which must include photography). One rumor I want to dispel from the get go, Nikon does not give me gear! I have to buy it just like anyone else (besides as a business, the write offs are rather important). What you will read here are user reports, that’s to say I’m a user and I’m reporting what I found using a product that solves problems for me. If you don’t see a product here, more then likely it’s one that either I’ve not tired or I don’t like. I am not paid in any sense to use a product or to review a product (that would be nice if it were to happen). And lets be real honest here, if I were to recommend a product and it were to suck, the public would know it in a heartbeat. That’s because it would suck for them as well and my credibility would go down the tubes. Am I alpha and beta tester for a boat load of products? You bet and in fact I seek such opportunities. That’s because at times I can influence a new product to serve my own needs. Pretty selfish, huh? There are times that I’m paid for the hundreds of hours I spend testing a product by being given that product when it comes to market. It would be sweet if this “payment” were even close to the value of my time, it’s not. It’s just part of giving back to the industry that have given so much to me. With that said, some of these products are from long time friends and as friends do, the give them to me. But they only appear here if I trust and use them. Some look for a disclaimer which to me is really stupid, because the bottom line, I don’t care if folks use what I use or not. I’m a photographer and it works for me, that’s all I care about, it’s more a statement of fact of being a photographer working on their art.

The Nikon Ambassadors are authorized by Nikon to demonstrate to the public and professional image makers the capabilities and use of Nikon imaging products, but the expressive content of their work is solely their own. Nikon Ambassadors are independent contractors and visual artists and are not employees of Nikon. Nikon Ambassadors are responsible for the content of their photographs, websites, exhibitions, and visual images and the manner in which such content and images are obtained. Any messages, beliefs, or viewpoints expressed in the Nikon Ambassadors’ photographs, websites, exhibitions, or visual images do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs or viewpoints of Nikon or any Nikon employee.

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